Learn the Top Things to Look for When Getting Your HVAC System Inspected for the Winter Season

Properly winterizing your HVAC system begins with seasonal preventive maintenance by a qualified technician. The procedure includes manufacturer-recommended procedures designed to support maximum furnace efficiency and performance while reducing wear and tear, as well as an in-depth evaluation of all ancillary functions and components related to heating the home. Here are some more specifics on the list of things you need to do to winterize your HVAC system. Read More »

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Make Your Home the Purrfect Temperature for Your Favorite Furry Friends

While you’re keeping the rest of the household comfortable, don’t forget home comfort for pets too. Pets may seem (and sometimes act like) creatures of the wild kingdom. However, most common breeds are domesticated and have long since become more accustomed to controlled indoor conditions than the environment of the great outdoors. While humans can dress to suit temperature and other conditions, most pets are stuck with what nature gave them, so they rely on your help to stay comfortable and healthy. Read More »

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The Most Overlooked Sources of Air Escaping From Your Home

Effective draft prevention in winter makes your home more comfortable and saves money too. If you can feel cold drafts, heat is also escaping. Heat leaks out of the house through many of the same openings where cold drafts enter. Finding and fixing air leaks helps eliminate heat loss and stops those chilly air currents that penetrate your home. Read More »

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The Longer You Wait to Schedule an HVAC Checkup, the More Expensive It Could Be

The theory behind regular HVAC maintenance is to identify and prevent potential issues before they become the source of an expensive major malfunction. It also supports optimum efficiency and performance of the system, which helps keep monthly costs low. Read More »

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3 New Year’s HVAC Resolutions That Don’t Require a Gym Membership

HVAC resolutionsUnlike that public vow you made to lose weight last year, HVAC resolutions are easier to keep. The comfort and health of all the occupants in your home’s indoor environment during the coming year rely upon optimum HVAC performance and efficiency. Here are three HVAC resolutions that will not only keep everybody more comfortable this winter, they may also save you money: Read More »

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Tis the Season for a New HVAC System

new HVAC systemIs a new HVAC system in the near future for your home? Effective, efficient heating and cooling are two of the most important factors for comfortable, healthy living. Like all mechanical systems, however, furnaces and air conditioners have a finite life-span. Read More »

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Ensure the Warmth and Comfort of Your Furry Friends This Winter

keeping pets warmAs the weather grows cold, keeping pets warm in winter becomes an important issue. Domesticated pets such as dogs and cats are not wild, all-weather animals like wolves or mountain lions born to live outdoors. Therefore, safeguarding your furry household friend by controlling exposure to low temperatures is necessary for the animal’s safety and comfort. Read More »

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Smart Heating & Your Home: Five Options to Consider

smart heatingSmart heating is simply a more intelligent approach to comfort control and energy efficiency inside your home. The heart of indoor temperature sensing and adjustment is the system thermostat. Old-school manual thermostats are, well, dumb — at least by today’s standards. Read More »

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How Do I Check My Home’s Insulation Levels?

home insulation levels Are your home insulation levels up to current specs for energy efficiency and optimum home comfort? Almost all homes built before 1980 are under-insulated, and many constructed since then need an additional amount to reach 21st-century Department of Energy standards. The only way to be sure is to measure the thickness of installed insulating material. Read More »

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Here’s How to Properly Ventilate Your Home This Winter

winter ventilationWinter ventilation is particularly important for maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Today’s homes are tightly air-sealed and insulated to prevent heat loss in cold conditions. Because these houses get less natural ventilation in the form of infiltrating outdoor air, however, indoor pollutants may concentrate to high levels that can produce allergic reactions or just plain discomfort. To counteract this, mechanical winter ventilation may be utilized to introduce controlled amounts of fresh air into the structure. Here are some typical options: Read More »

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