Should You Run Ceiling Fans in Your Home During the Winter?

Running ceiling fans in winter may not be the first option you think about when considering ways to enhance indoor comfort as outdoor temperatures plunge. Of course, most are familiar with the benefits of those big, slowly rotating ceiling fans that make rooms feel cooler in summer. However, many people never take advantage of the fact that these highly efficient fans are reversible with just the flip of a switch, making the use of fans in winter a very useful option. Read More »

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How to Make Sure Your Home Has the Best Winter Insulation

While the goal of insulation in summer is to keep heat out of the house, winter insulation in the attic functions to hold heat indoors. Ground zero for both heat gain and heat loss in a home is the attic. In winter, heat produced by your furnace naturally rises, infiltrating through the ceiling into the attic and eventually escaping through the roof. The potential amount of heat loss through the attic is estimated to be at least 25%. Read More »

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Learn the Important Parts of Fireplace Safety in Your Home

Attention to fireplace safety can keep your home from becoming a statistic. In a typical year, more than 25,000 house fires are associated with the use of a wood-burning fireplace, causing $120 million in damages. Many people aren’t aware that the combustion of wood in a fireplace generates temperatures hotter than that found in a gas burner. Combine the intensity of flames and heat with an inhabited home containing many flammable materials and fireplace safety becomes a critical issue during the winter season. Read More »

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Know What an Expansion Valve Can Do for Your HVAC Unit

The expansion valve is a component of your central AC critical to the process of moving indoor heat outdoors during hot weather. Thermal expansion valves (known by the abbreviation “TXV”) aren’t what you would call high tech, but they are a critical device when it comes to keeping you cool on a hot day. Read More »

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Understand How to Conserve HVAC Energy During the Winter

Conserve HVAC EnergySteps to conserve HVAC energy present a year-round opportunity to cut costs and make indoor comfort more efficient and consistent. Consider this fact: Your HVAC system typically consumes more energy than any other appliance or system in your house, accounting for about 45% of a home’s total energy use. Read More »

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What Temperature Keeps Thermostats from Being Effective?

effective thermostatAn effective thermostat setting falls within specific temperature limits. Thermostats are programmed to produce temperatures in a range suitable for the heating or cooling capacity of the furnace or air conditioner. A thermostat setting outside that range — a setting that is excessively high or low — is not only inefficient and increases operating costs, it exceeds the specifications of the furnace or AC and could potentially damage these units. Read More »

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Is There a Temperature That Is Too Hot for Your Furnace?

Hot FurnaceA too hot furnace is more than just a matter of discomfort; it can also be dangerous.  While a furnace that doesn’t produce sufficient heat is an annoyance, a furnace that overheats is a warning sign that should not be ignored. Read More »

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Be Sure You Know How to Clean the Air in Your Home

clean airCleaning the air inside your house is more important than ever. Today’s homes are tightly sealed to conserve energy and lower monthly expenses. The good news is: It works, as comfort control is improved and operating costs are lower.

The less-than-good news, however, is that pollutants tend to accumulate to higher levels in tightly sealed indoor environments. Airborne particulates can trigger reactions ranging from simple annoyance to allergic symptoms to chronic illness. Read More »

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Can Your HVAC System Be Halted by the Cold Weather?

The heating components of your HVAC system can be impacted by extremely cold weather this winter.  Here in Indiana, the average low temperatures in winter drop below freezing during five months of the season, with January and February lows often dipping down to 20 degrees or even lower. In an average winter, snowfall totals about a foot and a half. Read More »

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Be Sure You Know How Your HVAC Ignition Works for Your Unit

HVAC IgnitionThe HVAC ignition process is what fires up the furnace that keeps you warm in the winter. While an electric furnace doesn’t require ignition, gas-fired models need some method to ignite gas flowing through the burner. Typically, a signal from the thermostat initiates the flow of gas, and HVAC ignition occurs to generate heat and achieve the programmed thermostat setting. In today’s furnaces, one of three methods is utilized for HVAC ignition: Read More »

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