Big HVAC Changes from the Last Decade

hvac historyThe trajectory of HVAC history has been a steady arc of progress since the late 19th century. Advances in heating methods such as radiators were accompanied by improved indoor ventilation as electric fans became widespread. At the dawn of the 20th century, the patent for the first functional air conditioner was issued. Window A/C units made cool comfort affordable by the 1950s and heat pumps were introduced in the Seventies as hybrid cooling/heating units became a reality. Energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of HVAC systems became a priority in the 1990s and over 85% of American homes were air conditioned. Read More »

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HVAC Benefits: How Air Conditioning can Limit the Effects on Hardwood Floors

effects on hardwood floorsWhen it comes to minimizing negative effects on hardwood floors, your air conditioning system can be an important ally. Wood is a natural living material that interacts with environmental conditions. This fact extends to the relationship between wooden floors and conditions inside your home, as well— specifically indoor humidity. Read More »

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The 3 Different Types of Heat from Your Heat Pump Explained

heat pump heatHeat pump heat comes in more than one variety. Today’s highly efficient heat pumps can gather enough heat energy to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature even when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing. Because there’s no combustion involved, the unit normally requires only electricity to power system compressor and blower. This cuts monthly costs as well as reducing carbon emissions from the home. Read More »

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Does Your Home Have Permanent or Disposable Air Filters? Why It Matters

air filtersMaking sure your air filters meet specifications for optimum system efficiency and performance is a critical part of regular HVAC maintenance. In most cases, filter changes should be done every month during the cooling season and at least every other month during the heating season.  However, is it better to use replaceable filters or opt for washable, reusable filters? Read More »

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Homeowner’s Guide to Ceiling Fan Care

ceiling fan careKeeping up with ceiling fan care keeps them an effective and efficient adjunct to your A/C. They may be slow and silent, but the average home ceiling fan moves over 4,000 cubic feet of air per minute. This gentle, continuous air circulation makes rooms feel cooler to human occupants without actually reducing the air temperature. That convenient fact allows you to raise the A/C thermostat setting several degrees and lower energy costs accordingly, without any loss of indoor comfort. Read More »

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Why Does the SEER Rating Matter?

SEER ratingIf you’re about to upgrade your central A/C, you’ll soon come face-to-face with the SEER rating. Short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, SEER  is a numeral between 13 and 25 that represents the energy efficiency you can expect from the new unit. Federal law requires the SEER numeral to be conspicuously displayed on the bright yellow EnergyGuide sticker placed on every new unit. Read More »

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The Cause Behind Your HVAC Fan Problems

HVAC fan problemsIf you’ve got HVAC fan problems, you probably already know it. Optimum airflow is among the most important factors in maintaining consistent indoor comfort. However, no matter how well other system components perform, if the fan’s not functioning properly, cooled or heated air doesn’t get where it’s supposed to go and the whole house feels the effects. HVAC fan problems are hard to ignore but often not difficult for a qualified service tech to diagnose and resolve. Read More »

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Home HVAC Guide: HVAC Options for Old Houses

HVAC options for old housesBecause not every home is a newly constructed example of 21st century cooling and heating technology, available HVAC options for old houses are important factors if you’re living in one or purchasing one. Updating outdated cooling and heating to meet today’s more demanding expectations for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort usually means thinking about new choices. Read More »

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How Much Should I Pay for AC Repair Costs?

AC repair costsIf your air conditioner’s down, in addition to wondering how long it will take to get cool comfort restored you’re probably thinking about the AC repair cost, too. We get it. Nobody wants to pay more than they ought to for any product or service. But how can you tell how much the bill’s going to be?  The fact is, air conditioner issues may result from a variety of causes, some minor, some not so. A reliable estimate—our estimates are always free—requires an evaluation by a certified professional technician to pinpoint the cause, then provide an accurate AC repair cost. We want you to be fully informed about what you’re paying for and why. Read More »

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Too Hot for Heat? When to Schedule Furnace Maintenance

scheduling furnace maintenanceThough the benefits of professional furnace maintenance may not become obvious until the first cold snap next fall, these bright, hot summer days are the time to get it done. Since we’re pretty sure you won’t be needing heat just now, it makes sense to schedule annual furnace maintenance while your central air conditioner’s busy keeping the house comfortable. Read More »

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