Ways to Eliminate Mold from Forming and Growing in Your Home

Eliminate MoldTaking steps to eliminate mold help keep your indoor environment healthy and, in many cases, reduce potential allergies and other physical reactions. Effective mold control also minimizes expensive damage to building materials. Because dormant mold spores exist everywhere in nature — including inside buildings — the best way to eliminate mold is to prevent the conditions that trigger inactive spores into live, growing mold in the first place. Read More »

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Why It’s So Important to Protect Your Outdoor HVAC Units

Outdoor HVAC UnitsOutdoor HVAC units are continuously exposed to the elements and other threats. In most homes, the outdoor central AC is likely the most critical component installed after the shelter and protection of the structure.

Conditions outside can affect air-conditioner performance, efficiency, and even the most basic operational functions. Here are some tips to keep the outdoor HVAC units fully functional and secure in all seasons. Read More »

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With Summer Here, Learn the Latest in Cooling Technology

Cooling TechnologySummer’s the time of year when an average person develops a keen interest in new cooling technology. As summer temperatures seem to get increasingly hotter, the good news is that research and development in this field continues to advance. Here are a few examples of cooling technology on the horizon that may be keeping us all more comfortable in the future. Read More »

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Should You Turn Off Your AC Unit While You’re Away?

Turn Off Your AC UnitAs long as nobody else is home — including indoor pets — why not just turn off AC when you’re away? Cooling an unoccupied house may seem like a waste of money, especially as local utility rates continue to rise. Air conditioning is a major part of monthly energy costs, so what are the drawbacks of shutting off the unit entirely if there’s no one home to enjoy it? Read More »

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What You Can Do to Decrease the AC Strain on Your Unit

AC StrainSummertime and the living is easy — except, that is, for the AC strain that impacts cooling components. In downright dog-day conditions, the compressor in a central air conditioner may run up to 20 hours per day to maintain a comfortable indoor thermostat setting. Carrying that heavy cooling load not only means higher monthly utility costs, it means added wear and tear on expensive, critical parts and may even trigger a system shutdown, usually at the worst possible time. Read More »

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Find Out How to Lower Indoor Humidity in the Summer

Indoor HumidityIndoor humidity can be helpful to make a house feel warmer in winter, but it’s definitely not an advantage during hot summer weather. High humidity makes a warm environment feel even hotter than it actually is. To compensate, people tend to push the AC thermostat setting even lower, which increases electrical consumption and monthly utility bills. High indoor humidity also triggers mold and mildew contamination; damages paint, wood flooring, and paneling; and even spawns microscopic dust mites that are highly allergenic for many people. Read More »

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Find Out How to Up Your Indoor Air Quality This Summer

indoor air quality Indoor air quality is a year-round concern for many homeowners. Houses are more airtight than ever to conserve energy and make temperature control more accurate. However, one potential downside is that indoor air quality tends to become stale, and airborne pollutants and particulates may accumulate excessively. Read More »

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Why Natural Cooling Can Work Well for You This Summer

natural coolingLong before the advent of air conditioning, people routinely relied on natural cooling methods to moderate indoor temperatures during the summer. Today, these same techniques not only make our house more comfortable, they also cut your monthly electricity bill and reduce wear and tear on your air conditioner. Read More »

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Learn to Make Sure Pets and Air Quality Mix Well at Home

Pets and Air QualityPets and air quality issues are increasingly important to many homeowners. Indoor pets are exposed to the same environment as humans — and they are often susceptible to the same allergens — but may exhibit greater or lesser sensitivity. Depending on the type of animal, pets can be affected by indoor airborne pollutants, including: Read More »

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What’s the Link Between Outside Temperature and AC Ability?

The cooling ability of your air conditioner and the temperature outside are inextricably linked. The laws of physics enforce a basic fact: Heat naturally flows from a hotter zone into a cooler zone.  The hotter it is outside your home and the cooler it is indoors, the more heat infiltration occurs, pushing the cooling ability of your air conditioner to its limits. Read More »

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