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How an AC Condenser and Your Home AC Unit Are Linked

AC Condenser

The AC condenser coil plays a vital role in the process that keeps your home comfortable all summer. Technically, an air conditioner doesn’t generate coolness, per se. Instead, it’s actually a

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Be Sure You Understand the Best Ways to Conserve AC Energy

conserve ac energy

Can you conserve AC energy and still stay comfortable this summer? We all know that hotter weather’s here, and air conditioners are about to get a workout. Although cooling costs

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Learn How Small AC Systems Can Be Beneficial to Your Home

Small AC Systems

While it may not seem so on the hottest day of the summer, small AC systems may be the best cooling choice for your home. By size, we’re referring to the

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Can Too Cold AC in Your Home Impact Your Summer Cooling?

too cold AC

A too cold AC may sound like a good thing on a hot, humid, Indiana summer day. The fact is, however, that unusually low temperatures in air-conditioning components can be

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HEPA and MERV Filters: Which Is Better for Your AC Unit?

HEPA and MERV filters

HEPA and MERV filters: What are they and which one is best for your home? Indoor air quality has become a more critical issue than ever as houses become more tightly

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Understand BTU and Its Effect on Your AC’s Performance


The BTU, short for British Thermal Unit, is the standard for measuring units of heat. It’s an important specification, because moving heat is an air conditioner’s main function. It extracts

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Do You Have the Best AC Temperature in Hot Weather?

Best AC Temperature

What’s the best AC temperature indoors when it’s hot outside? That can be a matter of opinion and debate. However, there are generally accepted standards that will help you stay

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Why Natural AC Is a Good Tool to Help Cool Your Home

Natural AC

Natural AC will never take the place of an efficient central air conditioner installed and regularly maintained by qualified professionals. However, taking advantage of the cooling effects provided at no

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How Do You Quickly Combat a Musty Air Conditioner?

musty air conditioner

A musty air conditioner can be the source of unpleasant odors that spread throughout the entire house. Because your AC is connected directly to your HVAC ductwork, any smells originating

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Why You Should Get the Best Mini AC Unit for Your Home

If you’re looking for personal-sized cooling, what’s the best mini AC unit to consider? The first thing to do is moderate your expectations. The downsized devices small enough to carry around with

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