How Do I Check My Home’s Insulation Levels?

home insulation levels Are your home insulation levels up to current specs for energy efficiency and optimum home comfort? Almost all homes built before 1980 are under-insulated, and many constructed since then need an additional amount to reach 21st-century Department of Energy standards. The only way to be sure is to measure the thickness of installed insulating material. Read More »

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Here’s How to Properly Ventilate Your Home This Winter

winter ventilationWinter ventilation is particularly important for maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Today’s homes are tightly air-sealed and insulated to prevent heat loss in cold conditions. Because these houses get less natural ventilation in the form of infiltrating outdoor air, however, indoor pollutants may concentrate to high levels that can produce allergic reactions or just plain discomfort. To counteract this, mechanical winter ventilation may be utilized to introduce controlled amounts of fresh air into the structure. Here are some typical options: Read More »

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Bathroom Fan Combos? Here’s What’s Available.

Bathroom fan combosBathroom fan combos offer three bathroom improvements in a single unit: powered exhaust ventilation, overhead lighting and comfortable heating. While the bathroom’s certainly a practical and vital room in any house, it’s not always the most comfortable or accommodating environment. Air quality is affected by high humidity and odors, and the tile-surfaced room often feels chilly. Lighting may be less than adequate for personal grooming too. Here’s how bathroom fan combos integrate multiple solutions into just one installation. Read More »

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A Life-Saving Guide to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

carbon monoxide poisoningCarbon monoxide poisoning causes almost 450 deaths in an average year in the U.S. At least 20,000 individuals annually require emergency treatment and/or hospitalization due to only brief exposure to carbon monoxide (CO).  Because initial physical symptoms of inhaling this colorless, odorless gas — simple fatigue, dizziness, nausea — often mimic other common illnesses, individuals poisoned by CO often have no idea what is happening to them. Read More »

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Dread Getting Into Your Car This Winter? Here’s How to Warm Up Your Garage

A warm garage eases the transition from house to car on a cold winter morning — but that’s not all. Today’s garages are often more than just a parking space and are also utilized for work projects, hobbies, and recreation too. Adding a garage heat source in winter makes that unconditioned space feel more like part of the home. Certain appliances installed out there can benefit from heating too. In a warmer garage, for example, water heaters consume less energy to keep the tank up to temperature. Read More »

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Recently Improved Your Home’s Energy Efficiency? Get Your Rebates.

While all U.S. federal rebates for energy efficiency expired in 2016, certain homeowners can still get money-back offers depending on their local power utility. Here in western Indiana, a major utility — Duke Energy — provides rebates for some customers. Energy-efficiency rebates are a great motivator to make needed home improvements. Even better, upgrades keep paying back in lower monthly utility bills over the long term, as well as via improved home comfort. Here’s how offers from this utility can help upgrade your home’s energy efficiency. Read More »

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Is Your Basement Dehumidifier Suited for Your Home?

In many homes, a basement dehumidifier is an important asset to maintain the structural integrity of the house, protect important contents installed there, and sustain a healthy indoor environment. Read More »

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Finding the Right Ventilation Fan for Your Bathroom

Proper bathroom ventilation is more than just an issue of fogged mirrors, damp towels and odors. Excessive humidity inside bathrooms triggers mold growth, not only on exposed surfaces but also hidden inside wall voids where damp air infiltrates. Condensation that forms as the room cools after bathing can peel paint or wallpaper and degrade drywall. It also spawns mildew and makes tile floors slippery. Humidity from a damp bathroom easily migrates into other parts of the home as well. Read More »

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Tips for Removing Pesky Cooking-Smoke Smells

Smoke smell that may result from cooking adventures in the kitchen can be hard to remove quickly. While most cooking-related odors will dissipate on their own given enough time, you may not wish to live with these conspicuous scents until they do. If your indoor atmosphere is tainted with smoke smell that seems likely to hang around like an unwanted guest, here are some techniques to clear the air. Read More »

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The Right Indoor Temperature for the Comfort of Older Adults

While the correct home temperature is important for everyone, it’s particularly critical for older adults. Seniors are often more sensitive to temperature changes due to the normal physiological aging process. Because many seniors are more likely to spend more hours indoors, they are accordingly more affected by home temperature. Read More »

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