Which HVAC Filter Types Are the Best Options for Your Unit?

Your choice of HVAC filter types directly influences the air quality in your home, as well as the efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling system. Every breath of air you inhale inside your home has probably passed through your HVAC system filter many times. Most major HVAC manufacturers recommend monthly replacement of the system filter during the cooling season and a replacement at least every other month during the heating season. Read More »

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Different Types of Air Conditioners May Work Differently

Different types of air conditioners are appropriate for different types of cooling requirements and home configurations. Since residential air conditioning became widespread beginning in the 1960s, cooling alternatives have increased steadily. Different types of air conditioners now fit almost every need and budget. However, not every alternative is right for every scenario. To get the best result and optimum performance and efficiency, here are some different types of air conditioners and how they fit your home. Read More »

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Why You Might Need Mold Remediation Services in Your Home

If you’re wondering whether you might ever need professional mold remediation services for your home, consider these two facts:

  • Virtually all houses (and most any other building as well) contain dormant, microscopic mold spores.
  • It is estimated that about half of all U.S. homes already have active growing mold somewhere inside the structure.

Read More »

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What Impact Do Your Duct Types Have on Your Energy Bills?

The type of duct installed in your home plays an important role in the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. While certain types of duct materials and configurations are more efficient and durable than others, specific installation requirements, as well as cost, also figure into decisions about ductwork replacement. Here’s a quick rundown of common types of duct in residential applications and the potential pros and cons of each. Read More »

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What to Know About Thermostat Placement in Your Home

Home thermostat placement isn’t a random event. The location of the thermostat should be carefully considered to ensure that the unit is exposed to temperatures representative of average conditions throughout the house. Read More »

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How Much Energy Do You Need to Run a Space Heater?

How much electricity does a space heater use? It’s a frequent question asked by homeowners who want to utilize an electric space heater for spot heating in a limited area. This figure is especially important if you’re trying to conserve energy and keep heating bills low. It’s also good information to know because the capacity of each circuit in your home’s electrical system is limited. Fortunately, there’s a simple answer to, “How much electricity does a space heater use?” Read More »

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Spring Is Coming. Make These HVAC Tips Second Nature.

It’s nearing the time of year for a few HVAC tips for spring. As temperatures (finally) begin to warm up, your furnace will be running fewer hours and approaching seasonal shutdown. Meanwhile, the air conditioner needs to be readied for another hot Indiana summer. As the annual handoff from heating to cooling approaches, here are a few HVAC tips for spring. Read More »

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This Humidity Level Is What You Should Strive for at Home

A normal humidity level in a home depends upon a number of factors, beginning with the local climate. Outdoor humidity always exerts some effect on indoor conditions, as outdoor air inevitably infiltrates indoors. However, other, more controllable circumstances also impact indoor humidity and make maintaining a stable, normal humidity level in a home more achievable. Read More »

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Learn How to Clean Your Home’s HVAC Condenser Coils

Knowing how to clean AC condenser coils inside the outdoor half of your central air conditioner helps your cooling system work as it should, keeping you cool. A study by a major utility reports that dirty coils can reduce AC cooling capacity up to 40% and raise operating costs as much as 60%. Though indoor evaporator coils require cleaning by a qualified professional HVAC technician, knowing how to clean AC condenser coils with a brush and a garden hose makes this outdoor do-it-yourself job very doable. Read More »

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DIY HVAC Maintenance: Why It Is Never, Ever a Good Idea

While some do-it-yourself maintenance is a tradition for many American homeowners, should DIY HVAC  repairs be on that list? The consensus among experts who provide consumer advice on home repair, as well as that of all major manufacturers of heating and cooling components, is no in almost all cases. Read More »

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