In Cold-Weather Climates, How Can You Best Care for Your AC Unit?

cold weather climates

Central air conditioners installed in homes in cold-weather climates require special consideration before starting the unit up, particularly while outside temperatures may still be low. Under certain circumstances, a homeowner might want to temporarily start the AC to quickly cool down a home that is overly warm from furnace operation. Another possible cold-weather scenario might be deciding to simply test the air conditioner for proper operation as you prepare for annual seasonal star-up for the summer.

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What Advancements Can the HVAC Industry Look Forward To?

The future of HVAC technology has been an upward curve literally since the first practical units to heat and cool homes came into use. The evolution of comfort control and a healthy indoor environment has driven innovation that routinely delivers improvements in performance, efficiency, and reliability. If anything, this process has only accelerated in recent years. What’s just over the horizon continues that trend. The future of HVAC technology is now. Here are some upcoming attractions. Read More »

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When Has Your Home Had Enough (Or Too Much) Hot Air or Cool Breezes?

Is setting HVAC cycles the solution to poor performance by an air conditioner or furnace?  Excessively short or long operating cycles are often a reliable warning sign that something’s wrong in an HVAC system. Cycling refers to the length of time an A/C or furnace runs after turning on before it automatically shuts off again. In general, a residential HVAC system should cycle on for about 10 to 20 minutes before turning off. Read More »

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The Spring-Cleaning Tips That Can Help You Breathe Easier

Breathe easier and stay more comfortable, too, by improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in the spring. IAQ is a season-specific issue in many cases. In winter, when the house tends to be more closed up and outdoor allergens are dormant, the main consideration is insufficient ventilation and accumulating dust in the indoor environment. Read More »

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Did You Know Your HVAC System Can Help You Keep Allergies Away?

Warming weather means spring allergies are on the way. At this time of year, airborne pollen released by outdoor plants is the main culprit. A surge of microscopic pollen particulates can enter any house every time exterior doors are opened.  Read More »

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It’s Time to Put Away the Sweaters and Turn on the AC. Is Your HVAC Unit Ready?

As seasons change, the necessity for transitioning to cooling indoors is only a matter of time. Your furnace is about ready for hibernation. Soon, you’ll make that annual switch at the thermostat. Read More »

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As You Write That Check to Uncle Sam, Here Are Ways You Can Lower the Check You Write to Heat and Cool Your Home

Will HVAC cost savings deliver enough payback to compensate for taxes that are due on April 15? Our advice: Consult your accountant or tax adviser. Read More »

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What Are the Top HVAC Issues You Need to Remember When Building Your Own Home?

Among the many things to consider when building a new home, HVAC design is one of the most important. The choices you make about certain details will be evident every day as you enjoy the comfortable and healthy indoor environment you planned for. Conversely, if HVAC design doesn’t receive the consideration it deserves, you’ll be stuck with a system that may require costly modifications and upgrades to get it right. While the new home’s still in the planning stage, here are some considerations to keep in mind: Read More »

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What Is the Best Kind of Furnace to Get for Your Home?

The issue of oil vs. gas furnaces may already be settled, depending on where you live. Oil heating is now generally limited to the northeastern part of the country, where it was the primary residential heating fuel back in the day—when it was also the most economical. However, in all locales where natural gas is widely available today, it’s now the most popular choice for home heating. The statistics tell the story: Read More »

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Winter and Summer Tips for HVAC Care May Not Be the Same

As the world turns, the requirements for seasonal HVAC care rotate too. Systems involved in heating and cooling your home impose very different maintenance procedures based on the specific time of year. Scheduling annual preventive maintenance by a qualified HVAC contractor for both heating and cooling seasons ensures that the correct components get the necessary inspection, manufacturer-recommended service, and testing required for optimum reliability, efficiency, and performance. Read More »

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