How an AC Condenser and Your Home AC Unit Are Linked

AC CondenserThe AC condenser coil plays a vital role in the process that keeps your home comfortable all summer. Technically, an air conditioner doesn’t generate coolness, per se. Instead, it’s actually a heat mover. The system extracts heat from inside your home, moves it outside, then releases the heat into the outdoor air. Comfortable coolness is simply what’s left behind inside the house after the heat is kicked out. Read More »

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Be Sure You Understand the Best Ways to Conserve AC Energy

conserve ac energyCan you conserve AC energy and still stay comfortable this summer? We all know that hotter weather’s here, and air conditioners are about to get a workout. Although cooling costs are always a factor in the summer household budget, season-specific strategies can conserve AC energy and reduce expenses without sacrificing indoor comfort. Here are a few common-sense steps you can take now. Read More »

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Learn How Small AC Systems Can Be Beneficial to Your Home

Small AC SystemsWhile it may not seem so on the hottest day of the summer, small AC systems may be the best cooling choice for your home. By size, we’re referring to the air conditioner’s cooling capacity in BTUs—not the physical dimensions of the unit. Proper sizing is a vital part of matching an air conditioner to the specific requirements of the home and the local climate. Both small AC systems and those with larger BTU capacity have potential advantages and disadvantages, depending on several factors. Read More »

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Can Too Cold AC in Your Home Impact Your Summer Cooling?

too cold ACA too cold AC may sound like a good thing on a hot, humid, Indiana summer day. The fact is, however, that unusually low temperatures in air-conditioning components can be a sign of dysfunction that requires the services of a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose. Read More »

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Be Sure You Know How an HVAC Maintenance Contract Can Help

HVAC maintenance contractAn HVAC maintenance contract provides an extra layer of assurance and convenience when it comes to maintenance or repair of your cooling and heating components. Air conditioners and furnaces are more reliable today than ever before, and system-life expectancy is also longer. However, in the event anything goes wrong, you’ll naturally want prompt service by a trained, certified technician. Read More »

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HEPA and MERV Filters: Which Is Better for Your AC Unit?

HEPA and MERV filters

HEPA and MERV filters: What are they and which one is best for your home? Indoor air quality has become a more critical issue than ever as houses become more tightly sealed and energy efficient. In this enclosed environment, airborne particulates and fumes may become more concentrated. This can range from a simple annoyance to a source of allergic reactions and even chronic illness. Read More »

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Understand BTU and Its Effect on Your AC’s Performance

BTUThe BTU, short for British Thermal Unit, is the standard for measuring units of heat. It’s an important specification, because moving heat is an air conditioner’s main function. It extracts heat energy inside your home and moves it outdoors, where it’s dispersed into the air. What’s left behind is a cool, comfortable house. Read More »

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The Smartest Ways to Perform an Air Quality Test at Home

Air Quality TestAn air quality test can tell you a lot about what’s in every breath you take. When you count sleeping hours, most people take the majority of their breaths inside the confines of their own home. Exposure to airborne irritants and toxins that are present in the house can trigger effects ranging from simple annoyance to chronic illness, depending on the type and source. Other contributing factors include the air tightness of the house and the general condition of the HVAC system (particularly ductwork). Read More »

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What Are the Top Five AC Issues You’ll Encounter in Summer?

AC IssuesIf AC issues pay you a visit, you can pretty much count on it happening at the least-convenient time. Summer’s the season when your air conditioner gets a real workout and minor circumstances like maintenance issues or small malfunctions may trigger AC issues of a more-major variety. Read More »

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All You Need to Know About Generator Safety in Your Home

Generator Safety As more homeowners opt for backup power sources in the event of outages, keeping generator safety in mind becomes more important. Statistics show that power outages nationwide have almost doubled over the past decade or so. Wilder weather combined with aging power plants and substations are taking a toll, even as the demand for electricity continues to increase. Read More »

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