Homeowner’s Guide to Fall IAQ: How Candles, Pumpinks and Decor Can Affect Your Air

As seasons change, fall IAQ concerns replace many of the indoor air quality issues more prevalent during summer’s hotter weather.  People spend more daily hours inside the house as the earth tilts toward winter. Thus, exposure to indoor allergens is increased. Also, moderating temperatures common to this transitional season mean the home’s central air conditioner isn’t running as often and the furnace isn’t operating full-time yet, either. Therefore, the important air filtration function of your HVAC system may be reduced. Read More »

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Find Your Perfect Balance: Humidity Levels for Your Home

Home humidity is more than a number. It impacts everything from household comfort and a healthy indoor environment to monthly operating costs and even the structural integrity of the house. One thing’s for certain: Indoor humidity cannot be left to the natural fluctuations of outdoor humidity. In a climate with four distinct seasons like here in Terre Haute, keeping home humidity constant throughout seasonal changes can be a challenge. Read More »

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5 Reasons Why Hydronic Heating Might Be Right For You

When considering options for heating a home, forced air vs hydronic systems are the two most common approaches. Forced air consists of a gas-fired or electric furnace that blows heated air through ductwork to warm the house. Hydronic heating, conversely, utilizes water heated in a boiler, then circulated throughout the house to emit warmth through radiant tubing grids installed in the floor and/or baseboard units. Read More »

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Get Your Home & HVAC System Winter Ready

transitioning seasonsTransitioning seasons around the house at this time of year includes getting ready for the shift from cooling to heating. There’s more involved than  changing the switch on the thermostat. To be ready for the temperature changes coming soon, here are some suggestions for transitioning seasons to keep your HVAC system in sync with the calendar. Read More »

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Home Heat Duct Guide: Should You Choose a Floor or Ceiling System?

heat ductsIn new home construction, the location of heat ducts in a house is typically either in the floor or at the ceiling. In a floor configuration, ductwork serving the room runs through the crawl space. Ceiling ducts, however, are usually connected to ductwork routed through the attic. Read More »

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Do These Fall Maintenance Tasks

fall maintenanceSpring cleaning seems like just yesterday, yet it’s already time for fall maintenance around the house. Seasonal upkeep is a fact of life, particularly when it comes to HVAC components and related items. The good news is, getting this done now prepares your system for the transition from cooling to heating and helps ensure optimum performance and efficiency. Read More »

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Safe Home and HVAC: Babyproofing Guide

HVAC system babyproofing tipsIf there’s a new arrival in your home, it may be time to consider HVAC system babyproofing. Today’s heating and cooling systems have an excellent safety record in normal usage. However, a little extra care is in order when there’s a baby around. Infants have a knack for finding hazards in seemingly safe environments and familiar things adults may not even notice can present some risk. Read More »

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Can Dust Affect Your Indoor Air Quality?

indoor air qualityDust is an age-old housekeeping issue, but it’s also an important factor that affects indoor air quality and health. Typical household dust includes pollen, human skin flakes, textile and paper fibers, mold spores, pet dander, soil particles, insect remains and even cosmic dust from elsewhere in our solar system. The average home accumulates about 40 pounds of dust each year. Read More »

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How Women Changed the HVAC Industry

women in HVACWomen in HVAC history played important roles in the comfortable and healthy indoor environment we take for granted today. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning became an established engineering science around the turn of the 20th century.  Several women with the scientific aptitude—as well as determination—turned their talents to this dawning field. Read More »

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Air Filter Guide: Choose the Right Type for Your Home

types of air filtersHow do you sort out the various types of air filters to make the best choice for your home?  The air filter is among the most critical replaceable items in your HVAC system and directly impacts system performance, energy efficiency and service life. While different types of air filters are available under many brand names, the basics of home air filtration are straightforward and understandable. By considering a few variables and applying them to your specific requirements, you can narrow down the options considerably. Read More »

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