Can Solar Heating Have an Impact on Your Home’s HVAC System?

Solar heating takes advantage of the largest free energy source — the sun — to warm your home. Because there’s no meter on sunlight, monthly energy costs of solar heating are potentially reduced to zero.  However, the systems required to convert that sunlight directly into heat energy — or into electricity to power a furnace — are not without cost and complexity. Here’s what’s up with solar heating options in the here and now and what’s on the horizon in the future. Read More »

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Easy Daily or Weekly DIY Home HVAC Maintenance Tips

There’s more to HVAC maintenance than the major stuff. Of course, you should schedule annual preventative maintenance on both the AC and the furnace every year, to be performed by a qualified professional service tech. It supports optimum cooling and heating performance and efficiency and also ensures reliability. Also, annual professional HVAC maintenance is required by the warranty terms of most major brands. Read More »

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Which HVAC Parts Will Likely Need to Be Replaced First?

The first replacement in an HVAC system is usually something you can take care of yourself: The system’s air filter should be replaced at least every other month during winter furnace operation and every month in the summer when the air conditioner’s running. Regular filter changes are critical to aid optimum system performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. It’s a simple process, so if you don’t know how, your HVAC contractor will demonstrate it for you.
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There’s a Right Way to Shut Down Your AC to Prepare for Fall

It’s an annual ritual: Shutting down the AC for the winter. It’s been a long hot summer, but cool days and chillier nights mean it’s now time to put the central air conditioner to sleep for the season. However, shutting down the AC means more than simply switching the thermostat from “Cool” to “Off.” Here are some tips to properly prepare your air conditioner for the idle months ahead. Read More »

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Learn How Room Size Is Connected to Airflow in Your Home

The room size in homes has a direct effect on indoor comfort and efficiency. That’s because the size of the room is one of the figures utilized to compute the proper volume of cooled or heated air entering that room from the central HVAC system. Known as air balancing, this process ensures that each room receives the appropriate volume of conditioned airflow for all-season comfort. Read More »

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Learn How to Cut Costs to Avoid High Heating Bills

If you’re thinking about opportunities to cut costs in your household, heating offers a lot of room for improvement. In U.S. residences, the annual energy cost of heating the house during winter averages at least twice what it costs to run the AC and keep cool during the summer. The good news is, statistics also show that making targeted energy-saving improvements can cut the heating portion of monthly energy bills substantially. Here are some examples for cutting costs to help bring heating bills into line with cooling and other household expenses. Read More »

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The Next Time You Buy a Home, Ask These HVAC Questions

If you’re in the home-buying market, knowing all you can about a prospective house before you sign the papers is important. While critical items such as the condition of the roof and foundation are typically included in a standard home inspection that occurs before closing, the condition of HVAC components often gets short shrift: If the system merely turns on and blows cooled or heated air, it passes the inspection. Read More »

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As Fall Approaches, Get Familiar with the Top Heater Issues

The heating season’s still some time away, but it’s never too early to think about the top heater issues that might affect your household comfort, budget, and/or safety. Nearly half the homes in the United States utilize a gas-fired furnace — and with good reason: Gas is economical, and gas furnaces typically deliver reliable service for up to 20 years or more. Read More »

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How Can Climate Impact the HVAC System You Purchase?

When selecting new HVAC components, climate impact is an important consideration. Conditions imposed by weather influence the ultimate performance and efficiency of any new air conditioner or furnace. You can’t alter climate impact, so making sure the HVAC unit you purchase is appropriate to local conditions is vital. An experienced HVAC contractor is familiar with the specifics of the local climate and can offer input to help you make an informed decision. Read More »

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Know the Hidden Costs That Your HVAC System Can Present

The total price of keeping cool during the summer and warm during the winter includes a number of hidden costs. Beyond the manufacturer’s efficiency rating of your air conditioner or furnace, several secondary factors affect monthly HVAC expenses and impact overall indoor comfort. To help keep expenditures in line with your budget and expectations, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the following contributors to the hidden costs of HVAC operation. Read More »

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