Find Out the Ways Solar Power Works to Help Your HVAC System

If you’re wondering how solar power works and how it might help keep your home comfortable and efficient, reliable information abounds. Electromagnetic energy produced by the sun can be converted into electrical energy that helps power your home, including your cooling and heating systems. Potential energy available from the sun is not a negligible power source. Consider that the total solar energy reaching the earth in just 90 minutes is theoretically enough to supply all power requirements for the whole planet for an entire year if effectively captured and efficiently converted to electricity. Read More »

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Financing for HVAC Replacement Can Help in a Major Way

Once you’ve decided its time to upgrade your air conditioner and/or furnace, financing for HVAC replacement may well be the next issue to confront. A typical AC life span is 15 years, and a gas furnace averages more than 20. However, according to the Department of Energy (DOE), homeowners should ideally consider replacing HVAC units about every 15 years to maximize energy efficiency and maintain low operating costs. The DOE also suggests that any HVAC unit more than 10 years old should be replaced if the cost of needed repairs exceeds 30% of the price of a new unit. Read More »

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How Can You Prevent and Combat Mold in HVAC Equipment?

While the potential for mold exists almost anywhere, mold in HVAC equipment is particularly troublesome. Specific conditions that support mold contamination in these components are not uncommon. Active mold growth continuously releases microscopic reproductive spores that may trigger allergic responses and even chronic illness in sensitive individuals. Here’s how and where mold may gain a foothold in home HVAC systems:

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Learn All You Can About the Best Attic Fans Available

Choosing the best attic fan for your home supports lower HVAC operating costs and keeps indoor comfort more consistent. It can also prevent damage to the roof and internal attic structure, as well as protect items stored in the attic. Read More »

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Do You Know How to Save Money Heating Your Home This Fall?

As the pages of the calendar turn, it will soon be time to think about how to save money on heating. In most regions of the country, the monthly cost of staying warm in winter is higher than the cost of staying cool in summer. This means that additional steps are necessary to heat more efficiently and then effectively retain heat inside the home. Read More »

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The Ways to Conserve Energy As the Fall Approaches

Fall offers abundant autumn scenery here in Terre Haute, and it also presents an opportunity to identify ways to conserve energy. Days may still be warm, but nights tend to get chilly. You may run the air conditioner some days yet find yourself thinking of starting up the furnace after the sun goes down. To save money and stay comfortable, it helps to identify energy-saving opportunities in this transitional time of year. Here are some ways to conserve energy and help you stay efficient whether you’re keeping cool or staying snug — or a little of both. Read More »

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Do You Know What Causes Fall Allergies and How HVAC Helps?

While most people are familiar with the connection between airborne pollen and spring allergies, what causes fall allergies is often less clear. Actually, fall is the second-most-common time of the year for physical symptoms triggered by natural airborne particulates. During autumn, what causes fall allergies is traditionally known as “hay fever.” However, that general designation usually refers to allergic reactions to ragweed — a common, widespread flowering plant that releases pollen beginning in mid-August and generally continues until the first hard freeze. Read More »

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What to Know About a Possible HVAC Compressor Replacement

If you’re confronted by a potential HVAC compressor replacement, what are the best options? The compressor is the heart of your central air-conditioning system. It compresses the flow of refrigerant in order to efficiently convey heat extracted from inside the home, which is then dispersed into the air outside. Read More »

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How High-Efficiency Furnaces Link to a Concrete Floor Drain

If you’re upgrading to a new high-efficiency condensing furnace, you may also opt to upgrade to a concrete floor drain. What does plumbing have to do with furnaces? High-efficiency models with AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings above 90% deliver more warm comfort at lower monthly natural-gas expense. These furnaces integrate a secondary heat exchanger that extracts extra heat by cooling furnace exhaust gases. This process also condenses water from those hot gases, which must be disposed into a drain or released outside the house. Here are some reasons why some options may not be ideal. Read More »

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Find Out All About How an HVAC Sensor Works for Your Home

An HVAC sensor is technology that links to your central thermostat to make heating and cooling your home more effective and more efficient. Most often, these HVAC sensors are utilized in zoning systems that individualize the flow of conditioned air into predetermined zones. In today’s most advanced systems, the “zone” may actually be a single room rather than a larger, multiroom area. Read More »

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