What’s the Link Between HVAC Wattage and Performance?

HVAC wattage is directly related to the performance and efficiency of an electric furnace or a central air conditioner. Factors impacting HVAC wattage also include typical outdoor temperature range and issues such as airtightness of the structure and the amount and quality of insulation.

Here’s how the electrical consumption of HVAC components relates to heating and cooling performance. Read More »

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Do You Know All of the Most Commonly Needed HVAC Repairs?

If HVAC repairs are needed in your home, chances are it’s a high priority. Loss of heating or cooling — or worse, a potential safety issue — usually calls for professional service ASAP.  Fortunately, a rapid response by certified HVAC technicians is typically available 24/7/365 should the need for HVAC repairs arise. Read More »

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Ways That You Can Test Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Because we spend most of the day inside our homes, indoor air quality (IAQ) is an ongoing concern. Whether awake or asleep, we’re inhaling the contents of household air. Today’s homes are more tightly sealed to conserve energy and reduce heating and cooling costs. A side effect of an airtight home, however, is the fact that airborne irritants and pollutants are more likely to accumulate in the enclosed environment. Read More »

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Do You Have a Winterized HVAC Unit? Here’s How to Tell.

A winterized HVAC unit is one that’s fully prepared for unpredictable Indiana weather. Whether it’s a furnace in regular daily operation or a central air conditioner that’s mothballed until next spring, both units are subjected to conditions that can damage components, degrade performance, and lead to expensive repairs. Read More »

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How You Can Handle a Nonstop Blower in Your HVAC Unit

The sound of a nonstop blower continuously circulating air through your HVAC system is more than simply an annoyance. The large electric motor that drives the blower is a significant contributor to monthly heating and cooling costs. Nonstop blower operation also adds more wear and tear to that expensive component. Read More »

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Do You Really Need Regular HVAC Maintenance for Your System?

Regular HVAC maintenance is always recommended, but is it really necessary? One way to find out is to wait until you’re without heating or cooling due to an unexpected system breakdown caused by a lack of proper maintenance. That’s the hard way. Annual maintenance on both the furnace and the air conditioner by a certified HVAC technician is the preferred option to ensure system reliability, as well as home comfort and safety. Read More »

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How You Can Limit HVAC Strain on Your Home Unit This Winter

Cold winter days and nights are here, so what can you do to reduce HVAC strain as much as possible? In a typically sized home, a gas furnace runs for about nine hours per day. This total is divided into two or three heating cycles per hour of 10 to 15 minutes each. However, certain conditions can cause the furnace to run longer and more frequent cycles, increasing HVAC strain and raising operating costs, as well as imposing excess wear and tear on furnace components. Read More »

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Know How to Test the Refrigerant Levels in Your HVAC Unit

PrRefrigerant Levels in Your HVAC Unitoper refrigerant levels in your central air conditioner are critical to optimum AC cooling performance. It also has a significant effect on your monthly electricity bill. Read More »

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Do You Know the Most Effective Power Generators Available?

The role of effective power generators is rapidly changing from an optional accessory to a must-have for household safety. How do you know which type to get and how environmentally friendly the available choices for the typical homeowner are right now? Read More »

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What Can Solar Powered HVAC Really Do to Help Your Home?

Solar powered HVAC can help you take an important step away from total reliance on the power grid. As solar continues to become an increasingly viable alternative to standard power sources, household cooling and heating components are now being integrated into home solar systems too. Read More »

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