Why You Should Have a Winter Humidifier in Your Home

While nobody needs more humidity during Indiana summers, a winter humidifier can play a definite role in enhancing comfort, efficiency, and a healthy indoor environment. Starting in November and heading into March, the average relative humidity drops to its lowest level. During that season, household humidity is also affected by gas-fired furnaces that tend to dry out indoor air even more. Read More »

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What Tells You That Your Home’s Furnace Is Energy Efficient?

How do you know if your furnace is energy efficient? Evidence that a furnace is not energy efficient may be very noticeable in the form of higher monthly gas bills even while you’re trying to keep thermostat settings lower. Energy inefficiency in winter may be the result of neglected furnace maintenance or other issues. Or, it may simply be because an aging furnace is no longer operating up to today’s higher efficiency standards. Here are some ways to know whether a furnace is energy efficient before you purchase it, as well as after it’s installed in your home. Read More »

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Learn All the Basics of Winter HVAC Troubleshooting

Hopefully, winter HVAC troubleshooting won’t be needed this season. If problems occur, of course, rest assured that our certified, professional HVAC service techs are available 24/7 to keep your home comfortable and safe. Read More »

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Know the Winter Air Purification System That’s Best for You

Effective winter air purification can be a challenge due to the circumstances of the season. During the cold months in Indiana, houses tend to be closed up tightly and for more hours of the day. However, more than just heat is retained inside those houses. Airborne particulates tend to concentrate to higher levels indoors, and anyone with sensitivities or allergies to these particles may react accordingly. Fumes and vapors of various types that originate inside also intensify. Since opening windows to admit fresh air isn’t a viable option in frigid temperatures, other alternatives must be considered. Read More »

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Learn All the Ins and Outs of Today’s HVAC Contracts

HVAC contracts offered by a certified HVAC dealer promote maximum system reliability through regular inspections and manufacturer-recommended maintenance. These services, provided in the terms of maintenance agreements, support the reliability and performance of your air conditioner and furnace, which are, of course, major investments in any home. Benefits are typically available in several levels at a range of affordable prices. Read More »

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Get Furnace Knowledge About How Your System Really Works

A bit of furnace knowledge can be helpful if problems with your heating system occur and you need to summon professional HVAC service. It’s also a benefit if you’re shopping around for a new unit and considering your options. Finally, furnace knowledge is helpful to understand safe operation of the system. Read More »

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HVAC Recycling Old Parts: Is It Something You Should Do?

Just as other materials have certain standards regarding what can and cannot be recycled, HVAC recycling is generally subject to local and federal regulations. When a new furnace or AC replaces an existing unit, a number of rules determine how the old unit must be handled and who should do it. Read More »

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Having Ductless Mini-Splits?

The popularity of ductless mini-splits continues to rise as an alternative to single-room or small-space cooling and heating. According to industry figures, the annual growth rate in ductless mini-splits is estimated to average around 4.3% in the coming years as more homeowners discover the benefits of these compact, efficient heat pumps. Read More »

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What Are the Top Winter HVAC Safety Hazards to Look For?

While home safety can’t be limited to any one season, specific winter HVAC safety hazards naturally come to the forefront at this time of year. Quite naturally, these winter HVAC safety hazards are related to home heating. Most houses today are heated by natural gas. These furnaces are designed for safe use and include safeguards to prevent mishaps. However, staying aware of your heating system’s potential role in winter HVAC safety hazards by taking steps to minimize dangers is still the role of every responsible homeowner. Read More »

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Be Sure to Keep Your Pets Safe and Comfortable This Winter

Pets and cold weather often don’t go together, and certainly not for extended periods of time. While a brisk walk on a chilly day is not a problem for many dogs, some more exotic pets native to very different climates are not naturally adaptable to lower temperatures. Also, in some cases, illnesses or other chronic conditions can mean that pets and cold weather are not compatible at all. To keep pets healthy and comfortable indoors, here’s some advice about proper temperature choices. Read More »

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