The Top 5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System

If you own a house long enough, HVAC replacement eventually becomes a matter of when, not if.  During the many seasons your system’s been keeping your home comfortable, it’s also been accumulating wear and tear like any mechanical device. As an aging heating or cooling system passes its prime, there’s a point where considering HVAC replacement makes sense in a number of ways.  Here are five signs that may help you decide that it’s time. Read More »

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Don’t Let Your Outside HVAC Units Fall Victim to Curious Animals

A plan for effective HVAC-unit protection must always include safeguarding specific components from animals. In many cases, these units don’t get close scrutiny by homeowners, especially during winter weather, when animals are most likely to seek shelter inside any available space. Nevertheless, damage is ongoing and may result in system malfunctions. Read More »

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Did You Remember to Ask About the HVAC Unit When You Went House Hunting?

Before making a buying decision on a new home, it’s a good idea to ask a few pertinent HVAC questions relating to the property. In most houses, the furnace and central air conditioner together represent the single most expensive replaceable component. Read More »

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When Your Heater Needs to Be Replaced, Here’s What to Look For in a New One

Buying a new heater is an event you’ll probably experience if you own your house long enough. Typically, a residential furnace lasts about 20 years before replacement is required. Reasons for buying a new unit range from frequent repairs to low energy efficiency to simply declining performance that doesn’t keep the home comfortable anymore.  Here are some important factors to consider when buying a new heater. Read More »

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Might Your Furnace Need a Checkup? Here’s How to Know for Sure.

Furnace problems have a way of occurring at the worst possible time (not that there’s any particularly good time for it to happen). Prevention is always preferable to reacting after the fact when it comes to heating issues during the winter. While some system failures indeed seem to come out of the blue, many furnace issues give advance clues that something’s amiss before a major malfunction leaves you shivering. Here are some typical signs of potential furnace problems that should not be ignored. Read More »

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How to Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Keeping Irritants At Bay

In addition to keeping temperatures comfortable during all seasons, your HVAC system plays a make-or-break role in preventing irritants in the indoor environment. As homes are more tightly sealed to support energy efficiency, airborne particulates tend to accumulate to higher levels. For residents, results can range from simple annoyance to common allergy triggers — even chronic illness. Read More »

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Are You Paying Too Much Money to Heat Your Home? If So, Your HVAC Unit May Be the Culprit.

What’s up with high heating costs?  If the price of keeping your home comfortable in winter has risen noticeably, your HVAC system may be at fault. Or not. Average U.S. residential natural gas prices in 2019 increased about 4.5% from 2018. An increase in that range could be attributed simply to your local utility passing on the higher cost. If you still get the feeling you’re paying too much to heat your home lately, however, here are some possible reasons for high heating costs: Read More »

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How Does Your HVAC System Stand Against Current Technology?

HVAC technology continues advancing steadily. Has your cooling and heating system kept up? You don’t necessarily need to replace the entire furnace and/or air conditioner to gain comfort and efficiency benefits provided by new add-ons and system enhancements. These improvements can increase the convenience of operation, lower your operating costs, and even extend the service life of certain components. Here are some suggestions for upgrading to more current HVAC technology. Read More »

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How to Solve the Most Common Winter HVAC Issues

Many common HVAC issues are season-specific. As the calendar pages flip by, particular problems become more noticeable than others. That’s largely because the physics of heating and cooling differ and the components that produce it are quite distinct. Nevertheless, the general effects of common HVAC issues tend to be generally the same, no matter what time of year it is: declining indoor comfort, rising operating costs, and more wear and tear on the system. Here are some of the problems most likely to be an issue during the winter season: Read More »

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How Often Should You Check Your Home’s Foundation for Leaks?

The relationship between foundation issues and HVAC efficiency isn’t always immediately obvious. However, most people understand that the airtightness of a house — how effectively it retains heat in winter and cool air in the summer — can have a major impact on the cost of heating and cooling, not to mention the consistency of comfort inside the home. Read More »

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