Bathroom Vent Needs

Bathroom Vent NeedsEffective bathroom ventilation is critical inside what is sometimes called “the smallest room in the house.” It’s not only a matter of air quality such as odors, ventilation is vital to remove damaging moisture in the form of high humidity and steam generated by bathing. High moisture content triggers damaging mildew and toxic mold growth. It also inflicts structural damage, deteriorating drywall, warping doors, rusting bathroom fixtures and causing paint and wallpaper to peel. Over the long run, moisture can even infiltrate the walls and ceiling to rot wooden studs and joists.

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Proper Steps to Take When the Rental You’re Staying In’s A/C Breaks

Proper Steps to Take When the Rental You’re Staying In’s A/C Breaks Worst case scenario: it’s the middle of a long hot summer, you’re in a rented house or apartment, and the rental A/C stops blowing cool air. Indoor temperature is climbing, everyone’s miserable and you’re not quite sure what to do. If it was your own property, you’d already be on the phone requesting a service call from a reputable local HVAC contractor. But what’s the next step when it’s a rental A/C that doesn’t belong to you?

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What to Watch For: HVAC Safety for Kids

What to Watch For: HVAC Safety for KidsHVAC safety becomes a bigger issue when small people like kids inhabit the house. We all know that kids can get into almost anything when you’re not looking. Therefore, it’s helpful to remove any safety issues relating to the cooling and heating system from the list of potential household hazards. Making your HVAC system kid-proof also enhances HVAC safety for those other people—known as adults—who live there, too.

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Best A/Cs for Camping

Best A/Cs for CampingHome HVAC essentials have their place—even when that place is far from home. While air conditioning’s long been a pleasure reserved for indoor enjoyment, today more and more people transport that cool indoor environment out into the great outdoors, too. If you’re drawn to the open road or recharge your spirit out in nature’s beauty, you don’t have to give up the benefits of HVAC essentials when you get there.

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Tips to Stay Cool on July Fourth

July FourthLong-range forecast for July Fourth: Hot, most likely. That’s not news to most of us in western Indiana. The average high temp on Independence Day in Terre Haute is 89 degrees. And “average” means just that—July 4 temperatures have topped 100 degrees several times over the past century. Meanwhile, daily relative humidity in July typically peaks around 75%. Numbers like these don’t add up to cool comfort unless you take specific steps to beat the heat.

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Which HVAC Parts to Know

Which HVAC Parts to KnowQuick, how many HVAC parts can you name? For many people, the list begins and ends with “thermostat.” It’s perfectly appropriate that this familiar device prominently displayed on the wall might be the best-known system component. However, once in a while it may be helpful to know some of the other constituents of your cooling and heating system. For example: if problems occur and professional repairs are needed, or when you’re shopping for a new unit.

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Ideas for Keeping Your Guests Cool at Summer Parties

Ideas for Keeping Your Guests Cool at Summer PartiesSummer parties mean outdoor cooking, good friends, and fun times. However, excess heat and humidity can throw a damper on the festivities, no matter how well you’ve planned it. While it’s not possible to keep outdoor living areas as controlled and comfortable as indoors, there are steps you can take to make the gathering and the guests the focus of the event—not the weather.

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Why You Need HVAC Inspections

Why You Need HVAC InspectionsAn HVAC inspection can help prevent unnecessary expense and inconvenience before and after you’re a homeowner. What you don’t know about an A/C or furnace, conversely, may produce a series of unpleasant surprises when it comes to system performance, reliability and operating costs. An HVAC inspection by a knowledgeable experienced pro is useful in two specific scenarios:

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Does Summer Affect IAQ?

Does Summer Affect IAQ?While indoor air quality is a concern at any time of year, summer IAQ presents season-specific issues inside the typical home. Poor indoor air quality can be a source of irritation and allergic responses; certain chronic illnesses like asthma are also believed to be linked to indoor pollutants. Because at least 2/3 of the breaths you take in an average day are inside your house, indoor air quality often has a greater impact on comfort and health than air quality in the great outdoors.

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Steps to Take if Your Air Conditioner Breaks

Steps to Take if Your Air Conditioner Breaks There’s never a really convenient time to have a broken air conditioner in summer. What’s worse, like most mechanical devices, an air conditioner tends to fail when its under the greatest cooling load—i.e., during a sweltering heat wave. Just for fun, add visiting relatives to this scenario. Now what?

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