It’s Spring! Prepare Your HVAC

It's Spring! Prepare Your HVACWith spring on the doorstep, now’s the time to prepare your HVAC for the approaching cooling season. Doing so before the heat and humidity arrive ensures your HVAC will run reliably and efficiently, and provide maximum comfort throughout the summer. Read More »

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Can Furniture Affect Your HVAC Performance?

Can Furniture Affect Your HVAC Performance?HVAC effects can occur from a variety of sources inside a home. Almost any object or material placed in an empty room has some result that may impact air circulation, heat gain or loss, or indoor air quality. Furniture are among the largest objects in a house and therefore can have multiple HVAC effects which, in turn, affect comfort, system components or the health of the indoor environment. Here are some ways furniture and your HVAC system interact. Read More »

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Have You Scheduled Your A/C Tune Up?

Have You Scheduled Your A/C Tune Up?The spring lull between heating and cooling season is the perfect time to take care of important maintenance tasks, like getting an A/C tune up. Scheduling your A/C maintenance appointment sooner rather than later brings some distinct benefits, including: Read More »

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Watch for These IAQ Concerns in At-Home Gyms

Watch for These IAQ Concerns in At-Home GymsIAQ concerns inside a home aren’t limited only to specific spaces. Any activity occurring anywhere within the conditioned envelope of the house impacts the entire indoor environment.  Home gyms, for example, are typically dedicated rooms utilized only or mainly for workouts. Indoor air quality (IAQ) issues in the gym affect those utilizing it. Since air circulates throughout the house, however, these issues may also impact other occupants elsewhere.  Read More »

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The Connection Between Color and Temperature

The Connection Between Color and TemperatureWhile temperature effects day-to-day comfort in your house, the color of the house may in turn effect temperature. Color is a major factor in the amount of heat a painted surface absorbs. Radiant heat energy absorbed by a building material such as a roof or exterior wall doesn’t just vanish. Heat accumulating within the material is transferred into the house, warming the indoor environment. Read More »

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Laundry Room Ventilation Concerns for Remodels

Laundry Room Ventilation Concerns for RemodelsGetting laundry room ventilation right during a remodel isn’t merely a matter of aesthetics or convenience. Due to fire safety issues, building codes stipulate very specific venting requirements. Air quality issues can also originate in the laundry room and affect both the health of the indoor environment as well as comfort throughout the house. Read More »

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The Importance of Gauging Your Furnace Performance

The Importance of Gauging Your Furnace PerformanceBy this point in winter, certain aspects of furnace performance may have become conspicuous. It’s a good opportunity to take note of these factors because they can serve as advance warning of impending malfunctions, red flags of safety issues, or a basis to evaluate furnace life expectancy. Read More »

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Craft Room Considerations: Proper Ventilation

Craft Room Considerations: Proper VentilationDifferent spaces in a home have different ventilation needs. If your house includes a craft or hobby room, or an artist’s studio, air quality issues specific to these activities may call for special methods to keep the indoor environment healthy and comfortable. Simply running a ceiling fan or turning on the A/C isn’t sufficient to reduce potential airborne toxins and irritants to levels that meet today’s indoor air quality standards. Read More »

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Know Where Your System’s Air Filters Are

Know Where Your System's Air Filters AreAir filters play a critical role in supporting HVAC energy efficiency, heating/cooling performance and healthy air quality.

Changing the filter is just about the only routine do-it-yourself HVAC maintenance task a typical homeowner needs to take on. During heating season, the filter should be checked monthly for dust and dirt accumulation and replaced if needed. Just don’t go longer than two months without installing a new filter. During summer cooling season, monthly replacements are recommended. Read More »

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3 Ways to Puppy-Proof Your HVAC System

3 Ways to Puppy-Proof Your HVAC SystemIf you have pets, you may want to think about HVAC protection from the effects of those furry friends.

While they’re probably not changing the thermostat setting behind your back, pets can pose certain challenges when it comes to maintaining heating and cooling function, as well as keeping efficiency and performance optimum. Pets appreciate a comfortable home as much as the other residents. Read More »

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