Learn All the Benefits of a Quality Home Air Duct Cleaning

When you consider that every breath of air you take inside your home has circulated through your HVAC ductwork multiple times each day, the possible benefits of quality air duct cleaning become clearer. Common household airborne particulates that accumulate inside ductwork over time may be continuously recirculated throughout the house. However, since a slight amount of dust residue inside ductwork is considered normal and unavoidable, you should know the point at which you should consider quality air duct cleaning. Read More »

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What to Do When You Find Your AC Unit Freezing Up in Summer

An AC unit freezing up in summer sounds at first like a case of too much of a good thing. After all, keeping you cool in hot weather is what air conditioners are supposed to do. However, when a central AC runs cold enough to become obstructed by ice, it’s actually a sign of serious dysfunction that could cause expensive permanent damage to the unit. Read More »

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Let an HVAC Zone Control System Help You This Summer

HVAC zone control can be an important upgrade when it comes to customizing indoor comfort control while reducing monthly costs. The theory behind zoning systems is simple: Not all parts of your home need to be the same temperature at the same time all the time. Unfortunately, a conventional single-thermostat system doesn’t allow flexibility to accommodate differing settings. Read More »

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Do You Know How Important a Thermostatic Expansion Valve Is?

For such a critical component, the thermostatic expansion valve in your air conditioner doesn’t get as much attention as other parts of your HVAC system. Also abbreviated as “TXV,” this valve plays a vital role in efficient, effective cooling by metering the flow of refrigerant through the system based on the ever-changing cooling demands of your house. Read More »

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Why Is Energy Conservation So Important to Home Comfort?

When it comes to the design and maintenance of today’s home, why is energy conservation important? Reducing the consumption of electricity and gas is good news for the grid that includes electrical and natural gas utilities. It’s also a plus to help reduce the potential effects of greenhouse gases and other climate change issues. But why is energy conservation important for the individual homeowner? Here are some ways that cutting the consumption of electricity and gas also enhances daily life in your home. Read More »

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Energy Efficient AC Motors Are Key for Your HVAC System

Energy efficient AC motors not only save money on monthly operating costs, they keep home comfort more consistent throughout the entire house. A typical central air-conditioning system incorporates two motors that serve different but very critical functions. Read More »

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Why the Industry History of HVAC Is So Interesting

The history of HVAC is more than just the chronicle of enhanced indoor comfort. Ongoing research and development in heating and cooling makes homes healthier, more affordable and environmentally friendly. Here’s an eclectic miscellany of assorted high points throughout the history of HVAC: Read More »

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Do You Know How Vital Residential Air Quality Testing Is?

Because it’s important to know what you’re inhaling at home, residential air quality testing is helpful. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, concentrations of certain indoor airborne pollutants are often up to five times higher indoors than typical outdoor levels. Read More »

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Know How to Get Rid of Allergens at Home to Stay Healthy

Knowing how to get rid of allergens in your home can make your life happier, healthier, and more comfortable. As houses become more tightly sealed and energy-efficient, allergic reactions to accumulating indoor pollutants become more common. Knowing how to get rid of allergens in your home can contribute significantly to your overall well-being and quality of life. Read More »

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New Ductwork: How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade

If your house needed new ductwork, would you know it? Ductwork is the circulatory system that delivers cooled and heated air to individual rooms throughout the house, then returns room air back to the air conditioner or furnace. Under normal conditions, residential ducts typically last 15 to 20 years. However, almost all ductwork is installed out of sight, in locations such as the attic, the crawl space, or inside wall voids. Visually inspecting these spaces is problematic for the average homeowner. Read More »

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