How Vital is the Condensate Drain Tube to Your HVAC System?

An HVAC condensate drain tube may be connected to more than one unit in your cooling and/or heating system. Condensate simply refers to liquid water produced by the normal process of an air conditioner or furnace.  In either case, a functional condensate drain tube is critical for proper operation and also for preventing overflow or leakage. Read More »

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Stay on Top of Your HVAC Insulation to Know If It’s Working

HVAC insulation restricts the movement of heat into or out of your home. It’s a natural fact of physics that heat energy moves from a hot zone into a colder zone. Unfortunately, that’s usually the wrong direction for optimum home comfort and HVAC efficiency. During the winter, the house loses vital furnace heat. In the summer, it gains outdoor heat you really could live without. HVAC insulation is the material that stands in the way of heat movement and keeps the house comfortable and energy-efficient all year. Read More »

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You Can Control Equal Ventilation Throughout Your Home

Equal ventilation doesn’t occur automatically in most houses. It’s important to remember that your central furnace and air conditioner provide heating and cooling — but not ventilation. Standard HVAC components in a home form a closed system that continuously recirculates the same household air. They do not induct outdoor fresh air, nor do they exhaust stale indoor air. Read More »

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Why Sustainable Design Is Important to Your Next Home

Sustainable design in a home refers to a number of factors.  A sustainable house minimizes environmental impact as much as possible. It is energy-efficient and utilizes materials and systems that reduce toxins and conserve resources while maintaining a comfortable physical atmosphere and creating a positive psychological effect on persons who live in the home. Read More »

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Is Your Home’s HVAC Working at Its Peak Performance?

Is your HVAC working at peak performance? Or is that furnace or air conditioner in a state of decline and no longer meeting criteria for efficient, effective heating or cooling? An HVAC system maintained properly and operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions should keep your house comfortable and operating costs affordable with few surprises or unexplained irregularities. On the other hand, however, wear and tear and the simple passage of time do eventually take their toll, and certain issues may arise. Some signs of your HVAC working below specs and failing to meet expectations include: Read More »

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Be Sure to Never Neglect Your Home Unit’s HVAC Coils

HVAC coils in your central air conditioner perform the critical roles of moving indoor heat outdoors. If both coils are functioning properly, what’s left inside your home after the heat has been removed is cool, dependable indoor comfort. Read More »

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How Carbon Monoxide Can Escape from Your HVAC Unit

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a hazardous byproduct of various types of combustion, including familiar sources such as vehicle exhaust and kitchen stoves. Another potential origin of this dangerous gas, however, may be your home’s gas-fired furnace. About one-half of U.S. residences are heated by natural gas, and CO poisoning kills more than 400 persons per year and sends more than 50,000 people to an emergency room. Read More »

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Making an Eco Upgrade to Your Home? Follow This Checklist.

While sacrificing indoor comfort is one way to be more energy-efficient, a targeted eco upgrade can actually optimize heating and cooling performance while also using less energy. Simply keeping the house comfortable during winter and summer typically costs more than all of your other utility bills combined. Choosing the right eco upgrade can create significant energy savings and enhance your home’s indoor environment. Here are some common improvements to consider: Read More »

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How to Make Sure That Your HVAC Warranty Is on Your Side

If you’re considering a new furnace or air conditioner, the details included in the HVAC warranty are among the most important considerations. The expected service life of HVAC components today is longer than ever. A unit you purchase today will likely be installed in your home for many years. If a problem occurs over that time span, you’ll want the most favorable HVAC warranty terms on your side. Read More »

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Want to Improve Your Home’s Value? Make These HVAC Upgrades.

HVAC upgrades can be a solid, long-term improvement that add predictable value to your home. While changes in residential design and decor are transient trends, improved indoor comfort, lower operating costs, and enhanced energy efficiency are perennial economic and quality-of-life issues that impact market value, depending on the status of HVAC systems installed in the house. Read More »

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