In the Winter, Can You Have Too Much Heat in Your Home?

When winter temperatures dip below freezing, too much heat might seem more like a benefit than a drawback. However, excessive heat can boost monthly energy bills as well as make living spaces less comfortable, even during the colder months of the year. Read More »

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Don’t Skimp When It Comes to Buying HVAC Insurance

HVAC insurance options are important to safeguard your investment in home heating and cooling comfort. In most cases, these systems are typically among the most costly components installed in the house. Like any and all mechanical devices, HVAC systems may be affected by wear and tear, damage occurring to the structure, and even theft.  To ensure that some form of compensation is available under common circumstances, a closer look at HVAC insurance options may be helpful. Read More »

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Does Furnace Performance Suffer Thanks to Cold Weather?

Total furnace performance is a combination of the unit’s BTU heating capacity, energy efficiency, and just how well it keeps you and your family reliably comfortable. However, those common elements of furnace performance likewise depend upon a much larger overall issue: How cold is it outside? Read More »

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How an Unseasonable Warm Spell Affects Your HVAC System

Just when you’ve got the house running smoothly in cold weather, an unseasonable warm spell strikes. Until this temporary warmup plays out, it looks like an uncomfortable few days ahead. How does this impact your HVAC system, and what can you do to stay comfortable until winter temperatures return? Read More »

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Fires in the Winter Are Great; With Proper Fireplace Safety

It’s the season for the cozy warmth of a crackling fire — and for commonsense fireplace safety too. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are 17.5 million residential fireplaces in the United States. In an average year, however, about 25,000 house fires are related to inadequate upkeep or unsafe use of a fireplace. Read More »

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These Are the HVAC Apps to Run in Sync with Your System

HVAC apps put comfort control in your hands and connect you to your home’s heating and cooling system from anywhere in the world. Apps are very specialized software applications designed for usage on portable devices like smartphones and tablets. HVAC apps remotely link to your Wi-Fi-connected programmable thermostat to provide remote monitoring and control of the furnace and air conditioner. Read More »

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Why Temperature Balance Between Inside and Outside Is Key

Maintaining temperature balance inside a home means controlling heat loss and heat gain. It’s a natural law: Heat energy always migrates from a warm zone into a cooler zone. Unfortunately, that law doesn’t support optimum temperature balance nor maximum indoor comfort. Read More »

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A Clean Attic Plays a Role in How Your HVAC Unit Runs

A clean attic can mean a happy HVAC system. What does one have to do with the other? First of all, what happens in the attic can affect efficient operation of your heating and cooling system. Secondly, keeping a clean attic also provides the chance to check out particular HVAC components that are present up there — specifically ductwork. Like most people, you likely don’t visit your attic often, so you may be surprised by what you find. Here’s how you can help your clean attic support better heating and cooling functionality, as well as a more comfortable, healthier home. Read More »

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Can You Have Too Many HVAC Zones Throughout Your Home?

Dividing your home into additional HVAC zones adds flexibility to comfort control. For example, because heat rises, upstairs rooms are often warmer than those downstairs. In a traditional, single-zone house, the thermostat setting you choose to keep the upstairs comfortable may make the downstairs too cold. Read More »

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Why Is Mold Bad When It’s Inside Your Home’s HVAC Unit?

Is HVAC mold growing somewhere inside your heating and cooling system? It might not be obvious at first, but the same components that keep your home comfortable all year are susceptible to fungal contamination. All mold really needs to thrive are moisture; temperatures in the typical household range; a dark, enclosed environment; and an organic food source. Read More »

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