Having an HVAC Inspection by a Pro

Having an HVAC Inspection by a ProAn HVAC inspection by a qualified cooling and heating professional picks up where the standard home inspection leaves off. Pre-sale home inspections principally evaluate the house structure including electrical and plumbing. Inspection of the HVAC system is generally restricted to verifying that the air conditioner and furnace power up and blow air. This limited assessment often fails to reveal critical information about the system’s true status.

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5 Qualities Every HVAC Technician Should Have

5 Qualities Every HVAC Technician Should HaveWhat qualities should you look for in an HVAC technician who comes to your home to install or repair cooling or heating equipment? HVAC technology is advancing rapidly and the profession has necessarily become more specialized. Today’s field techs have to be highly trained and qualified to meet industry standards.

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Factors Affecting Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Factors Affecting Your Home's Indoor Air QualityUnhealthy indoor air quality is a predictable result of a variety of measurable factors. About 80 percent of the breaths you and your family take in an average year are inside your house, so the quality of indoor air exerts a major influence on your ongoing health and comfort. More than ever, in today’s tightly-sealed, energy-efficient structures, the indoor environment may harbor particulates and pollutants that far exceed levels present in the great outdoors.

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How USB Receptacles Bring Your Home Into the 21st Century

How USB Receptacles Bring Your Home Into the 21st CenturyWith more and more of your home electronics being charged by USB receptacles, doesn’t it make sense to hard-wire your house with new outlets that accommodate this new reality? USB has become the established power standard for many devices. The small, convenient plug is universal for a variety of uses including carrying electrical power as well as data. Installing new wall outlets that incorporate USB receptacles as well as standard AC updates your home electrical system for a new era in which 5-volt DC USB ports figure more prominently than ever.

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Back-to-School Home Maintenance

Back-to-School Home MaintenanceBack-to-school signals the beginning of another academic year as well as inevitable changes in the household routine. It also serves as convenient reminder to tend to other tasks like seasonal HVAC upkeep. As the gradual shift away from the summer cooling season begins, air conditioning equipment can be readied for the off-season as the furnace and connected systems like ductwork get routine inspection and maintenance.

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Keys to the Best HVAC Design

Keys to the Best HVAC DesignHVAC design is now a well-established science. The technology of cooling and warming structures is advanced and the systems that keep your home comfortable in all seasons are intelligent and interdependent. The best HVAC design supports not only peak system performance but also lower operating expenses, as well as greater reliability and maximum service life of system components.

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How HVAC Cleaning Benefits Your Home

How HVAC Cleaning Benefits Your HomeHVAC cleaning supports cool summer comfort by keeping your air conditioner up to manufacturer’s performance and efficiency specs. The indoor evaporator coil is constantly exposed to the blower airflow while the condenser coil located outside is vulnerable to weather and other elements. Dirty coils degrade system energy efficiency, raise operating costs and reduce cooling performance. HVAC cleaning by a qualified professional technician optimizes cooling performance, lowers monthly costs and reduces the likelihood of system failure.

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Don’t Make These Common HVAC Equipment Buying Mistakes

It's honestly a black hole that I'm not too interested in traveling in to  Buying new HVAC equipment isn’t an every day or even every year experience. Given the combined expected service life of heating and cooling systems, it’s a rare event for most homeowners. This also means that, whatever buying decision you make about HVAC equipment, you’ll be living with the results for some time. It’s important to get it right and avoid mistakes. Rest assured that a professional HVAC contractor is there to lend advice and guide you through the process.

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Common Energy Myths

Common Energy MythsJust when we think we’ve heard all the energy myths, somebody comes up with a new one. Some energy myths simply sound too good not to be true—yet they aren’t. Others are simply misunderstandings of basic concepts. While nobody can claim to have the last word on the complex physics of energy conservation, falling for unproven energy myths can cost you money as well as make your life less comfortable and convenient.

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Installing Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Installing Energy Efficient Ceiling FansA ceiling fan is a valuable accessory to your cooling and heating system. First installed in homes nearly 100 years ago, ceiling fans were the original air movers. Today, they keep the house more comfortable at lower cost in summer, plus give your furnace a helping hand in winter, too.

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