High Ceilings and What This Means for Your Home

High ceilings are considered an aesthetic asset for any home. In real estate listings, anything higher than the standard 8-foot ceiling receives prominent mention — and typically a higher asking price too. Read More »

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No Need to Sacrifice Air Quality for Fall Scents: Safe DIY Candles

As the weather cools, fall candles begin adding seasonal scents to the home environment. However, it’s also a good time of year to be aware that many commercially available, petroleum-based candles — as well as aerosol air fresheners — include chemical ingredients that may compromise indoor air quality. Read More »

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A/C Repairs: Keeping Your Unit in Good Shape Calls for a Winter Checkup

A/C repair is not a summer-specific issue. In fact, as you’re now preparing to put your central air conditioner to bed for the off-season, the winter’s actually a great time to get any nagging A/C problems properly diagnosed and repaired. It’s unfortunately not unusual to simply postpone dealing with air conditioning issues until spring arrives.

Now that your furnace is taking on the household heating duties for the coming months, however, there are good reasons to schedule A/C repair now: Read More »

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Your Comprehensive Guide to an HVAC Emergency: Safety Precautions & Steps to Take

To be ready if natural dangers such as severe weather threaten, HVAC emergency preparedness is another thing to add to the list. Components of your heating and cooling system may be at risk from a number of sources including floods, high winds, electrical disruption and other events. Following a few HVAC emergency preparedness steps before something happens can prevent expensive damage as well as help safely restore your home to normality afterwards. Read More »

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Are HVAC Air Purifiers Worth It?

HVAC air purifiers take indoor air quality to a higher level than standard filtration. Air filters incorporated in HVAC systems are effective up to a point. Quality pleated air filters with MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) ratings from 9 up to 12 efficiently remove up to 95% of airborne particulates. In most cases, filtration is sufficient to satisfy the air quality requirements of most households. Read More »

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How Time-Variant Pricing Can Help You Boost Your Energy Efficiency

Time-variant pricing of electricity helps incentivize home energy efficiency. Since the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that cooling and heating accounts for nearly 25% of residential electricity usage, adjusting HVAC habits can significantly lower monthly bills where utilities offer this new pricing approach. Read More »

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All You Need to Know About HVAC Diffusers

HVAC diffusers are components that control heating and cooling airflow into each room. Diffusers are mounted at the point where an HVAC duct enters a room through the wall or ceiling. However, they are far more than just a decorative device to cover the gaping opening that delivers conditioned air. Read More »

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Homeowner’s Guide to Fall IAQ: How Candles, Pumpinks and Decor Can Affect Your Air

As seasons change, fall IAQ concerns replace many of the indoor air quality issues more prevalent during summer’s hotter weather.  People spend more daily hours inside the house as the earth tilts toward winter. Thus, exposure to indoor allergens is increased. Also, moderating temperatures common to this transitional season mean the home’s central air conditioner isn’t running as often and the furnace isn’t operating full-time yet, either. Therefore, the important air filtration function of your HVAC system may be reduced. Read More »

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Find Your Perfect Balance: Humidity Levels for Your Home

Home humidity is more than a number. It impacts everything from household comfort and a healthy indoor environment to monthly operating costs and even the structural integrity of the house. One thing’s for certain: Indoor humidity cannot be left to the natural fluctuations of outdoor humidity. In a climate with four distinct seasons like here in Terre Haute, keeping home humidity constant throughout seasonal changes can be a challenge. Read More »

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5 Reasons Why Hydronic Heating Might Be Right For You

When considering options for heating a home, forced air vs hydronic systems are the two most common approaches. Forced air consists of a gas-fired or electric furnace that blows heated air through ductwork to warm the house. Hydronic heating, conversely, utilizes water heated in a boiler, then circulated throughout the house to emit warmth through radiant tubing grids installed in the floor and/or baseboard units. Read More »

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