Know How to Safeguard Your AC Unit From a Heat Wave

Heat waves are unpleasant for humans and very hard on air conditioners too. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, about three-quarters of states in the U.S. will experience at least one period during the summer in which high temperatures exceed historical averages for more than two days. Stay safe and comfortable during a heat wave by making sure your air conditioner is protected from disabling damage that might leave you without cooling at the worst possible time. Read More »

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How Can the Glass in Your Windows Help Cool Your Home?

Window glass can be an ally in the battle to keep your house cool during the summer. Or, it can be a major contributor to the problem. During hot weather, it’s estimated that standard single-pane windows are the greatest single contributor to solar heat gain (SHG), typically accounting for approximately 48% of the heat entering a home from outdoors. This energy, which is present in sunlight, streams through standard glass and accumulates indoors, raising temperatures as well as summer operating costs as your air conditioner runs longer cycles to keep up with the heat gain. Read More »

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Your House Is Too Cool This Summer? Learn How to Fix It

Is it possible for your home to be too cool this summer? On an Indiana afternoon in July, excessive coolness sounds more like a blessing than a drawback. However, overcooling a house and keeping it that way during hot summer weather may not be the best thing for your air conditioning system or your household budget. Here are some downsides of keeping too cool in hot weather, along with options for more affordable solutions. Read More »

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Don’t Let Your Summer AC Bills Go Through the Roof

Summer means sun, fun, and summer AC bills. As the saying goes, two out of three ain’t bad. There’s no doubt that summer air conditioning increases electricity consumption noticeably. Here in our climate zone, cooling over the summer season adds a total of about $150 to your electricity bill for a house of median size. However, summer AC bills are not written in stone. There are certain steps most homeowners can take to whittle that number down a little — or a lot. Here are some proven suggestions: Read More »

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How Can Your AC Benefit from New Features That Are Available?

Keeping up with all the new AC features isn’t easy. Air conditioning options keep advancing so fast it’s hard to stay current. Depending on the make and specific model, features that improve efficiency, ease of operation, and maintenance and repair are coming online at a faster pace than ever. Here’s a snapshot of some of the new AC features homeowners can consider right now: Read More »

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A Summer AC Breakdown Is Never Fun. Learn How to Prevent It

Not many things throw a damper on casual summer comfort like an AC breakdown at home. Though we enjoy the hot fun outdoors during the summer, we’ve grown accustomed to expect consistent indoor coolness as well.

Air conditioners are more reliable than ever. However, as with all mechanical systems, malfunctions happen. You can’t prevent every AC breakdown, but here are some things you can do to improve your odds of staying cool: Read More »

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How Can the Laws in Your Area Help You Save AC Money?

Several money-saving laws that affect the HVAC industry have recently been enacted. Most have the primary intent of lowering environmental consequences and increasing safe, reliable HVAC operation. However, some also play a dual function as money-saving laws too. Here are some of the benefits that accompany these legislative actions. Read More »

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Do You Make Sure Your HVAC Unit Is Environmentally Friendly?

An HVAC unit’s environmental impact is not a fixed factor. How “friendly” a cooling and heating system is as far as the environment goes differs from home to home, according to several variables. Some depend upon the age of the existing system. Other factors vary according to issues such as regular professional maintenance and appropriate choices in daily temperature settings. Ancillary elements such as ductwork and insulation also play a role in an environmentally friendly system.

Read More »

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What Do the Experts Say About Wireless HVAC Equipment?

wireless HVAC equipmentThe most common consumer example of wireless HVAC equipment are the new thermostats that are rapidly making old models obsolete. Often referred to as a “smart thermostat,” these units offer advantages and a level of convenience not available in a standard model.  If you’re considering upgrading from your old-school manual thermostat to something that’s more up to date, here are some factors to consider about wireless HVAC equipment. Read More »

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Where Should You Store the HVAC Equipment in Your Home?

storing HVAC equipmentStoring HVAC equipment when installing a system in an existing house imposes certain requirements. Where the central AC was “built-in” at the time the house was constructed, allowances for placement of the equipment is included in the design from the blueprints up. When you’re adding a central HVAC system later, however, certain components may need to be located in different parts of the structure. Here are some factors that affect storing HVAC equipment when upgrading to central AC. Read More »

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