HVAC Prep for the Holidays

HVAC Prep for the HolidaysDon’t let holiday HVAC concerns stand in the way of seasonal good cheer. While there’s always a lot to think about at this time of year—including a number of things that can be stress-producing—the overall comfort level of your indoor environment shouldn’t be an issue. However, with more people than normal coming and going, as well as the fickle fluctuations of winter weather, it can be hard to keep the house consistently comfortable.

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How to Stay Safe When Using a Backup Generator

How to Stay Safe When Using a Backup GeneratorAs widespread power outages become more common, backup generator safety for homeowners becomes more vital. Our aging power grid is more vulnerable than ever to severe weather and overloads. The incidence of power outages affecting substantial parts of the population is doubling about every five years—particularly in the south and midwest. To stay safe and comfortable in the event of a blackout, home generators are an increasingly popular option. However, definite hazards are associated with generator use and precautions must be observed.

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A Few Things to Know About HVAC Control Systems

A Few Things to Know About HVAC Control SystemsThe modern HVAC control system is what separates us from the bad old days of going down to the basement to adjust the furnace or continuously jumping up to manually turn an old-fashioned window unit on and off. Today, the alternatives for precision control of your home environment are extensive as more advanced thermostats offer not only convenience but greater efficiency and lower costs. Here’s how the HVAC control system has evolved from low functionality to high tech.

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How to Stay Warm and Save Money in Colder Months

How to Stay Warm and Save Money in Colder MonthsSaving money while staying comfortable this winter: is it really possible to do both? Outside of coastal Florida or the desert southwest, Americans in general pay more to stay warm in winter than to keep cool during summer. The actual fact is, national energy consumption for winter heating is a whopping four times the amount consumed for summer cooling.

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Dealing with Dead Rodents in Your Ductwork

Dealing with Dead Rodents in Your DuctworkDead rodent in clean ductwork? Well, now you know what that unexplained odor pervading the entire house is all about. Because every breath you take inside your home is air that continuously circulates through the HVAC system, nothing diminishes indoor air quality like the image of a dead rat slowly decomposing somewhere in the depths of your ductwork.

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Handling Humidity Under Your House

Handling Humidity Under Your HouseHumidity effects inside your house may originate from more than just the obvious source. Here in western Indiana, ample humidity is definitely part of our natural climate. However, humidity infiltrating your house may also emanate from causes unrelated to today’s weather. The crawl space or basement under your house can harbor hidden sources of water vapor that continually migrates upward into living spaces, causing a variety of humidity effects including inconsistent comfort control, poor air quality, structural damage and toxic mold growth.

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Thermostat Set to Cool but Heater Blowing? Here’s Why

Thermostat Set to Cool but Heater Blowing? Here's WhyWhat’s up when HVAC settings don’t deliver the comfortable temperatures you’re expecting? Let’s assume the system is on and the thermostat mode is set to “Cool. ” When you feel airflow from the vents, however, it’s something closer to warm—almost like the heater’s on. If there’s an apparent disparity between your HVAC settings and what’s actually coming out of the vents, here are a few possible reasons why:

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Buying Guide for a New Air Conditioner: Sizing

Buying Guide for a New Air Conditioner: SizingAir conditioner sizing: get it right before you buy or you may regret it for as long as you own the unit. “Sizing” in the HVAC sense doesn’t refer to physical dimensions. It means the capacity of the air conditioner; i.e., the amount of cooling it can produce expressed as BTUs of heat energy extracted from the air per hour.

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New Air Conditioner: Should You Trust the Online Reviews?

New Air Conditioner: Should You Trust the Online Reviews?Are air conditioner reviews on the web a credible source for research? Reviews of companies marketing HVAC sales online can be hard to substantiate. The more geographically distant the company is, the more a healthy skepticism about glowing online reviews is warranted. For example, online outfits that only sell HVAC systems and ship from a faraway location have no local reputation to cultivate, take no role in installation and service and have limited stake in long-term customer satisfaction.

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What Do Furnace Filter Arrows Indicate?

What Do Furnace Filter Arrows Indicate?When it comes to changing a furnace filter, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Arrows printed along the edge of the filter are there to make sure you get it right.

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