What’s That Odor From the Furnace?

What's That Odor From the Furnace?An unexplained furnace smell emitting from the vents in your heating system is never a welcome event. First, of all, furnace odors are not usually an enchanting fragrance wafting through the household. Secondly, there’s always the worry that it could be a sign of a safety hazard, too. Furnaces are designed to operate odor-free. When any furnace smell becomes conspicuous, it’s natural to wonder what it really means. It’s also important not to ignore it.

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Is it Risky to Use a Space Heater in Your Home?

Is it Risky to Use a Space Heater in Your Home?If certain areas of your home are uncomfortably chilly this winter, you may be considering a space heater to fill in the gaps. Space heaters are a viable option in certain situations but may also present safety issues. The fact is, about 18,000 household fires are caused yearly by space heaters — usually related to improper use and/or over-reliance on these small units.

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Look Out for Ice Dams on the Roof of Your House

Look Out for Ice Dams on the Roof of Your HouseIce dams way up on your roof actually begin inside the attic. An ice dam is a frozen mound that obstructs the gutters after snowfall. It can trigger leaks that degrade the integrity of the roof structure as well as damaging the interior of your home. The starting point in the sequence of events leading to ice dams is uneven heating of the roof from below.

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These are the HVAC Heating Season Terms You Should Know

These are the HVAC Heating Season Terms You Should KnowThe heating season has a language all its own when it comes to your HVAC system. The seasonal switch from the air conditioner to the furnace replaces the vocabulary of cooling with terminology relating to keeping your house warm through another cold Indiana winter. If you’re replacing your furnace, or require professional service during the heating season, here are some of the technical terms you’re likely to hear, and what they mean.

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Want to Save Money and Sleep Better? Turn Down Your Home’s Temp

Want to Save Money and Sleep Better? Turn Down Your Home's TempCan taking the right steps to save energy help you sleep more soundly, too? Perhaps, and the prospect of lower utility bills to come may not be the only reason you’re dozing so peacefully. An overheated house during overnight hours is generally an energy waster.

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Helpful Tips for Checking Your Home’s Insulation Levels

Helpful Tips for Checking Your Home's Insulation LevelsThe insulation level in your home is the primary factor in keeping heating and cooling costs low and indoor comfort high. It wasn’t always so important: Back in the era of low energy prices new houses typically came with as little as three or four inches of attic insulation. Many homeowners today are still living in those houses that are under-insulated by current Department of Energy standards — and paying for it in higher operating costs and diminished temperature control.

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Signs of Ductwork That’s Aging

Signs of Ductwork That's AgingIf you have old ductwork, the odds are you have leaky ductwork. If your ducts haven’t been tested for leakage and your home’s more than 10 years old, statistics reported by the U.S. Department of Energy say your HVAC system may be leaking between 20% and 40% of the air volume circulating through the ducts.

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What’s a Load Calculation? Here’s the Answer

What's a Load Calculation? Here's the AnswerA load calculation puts accurate numbers to your home’s heating and cooling requirements. Every house is different in terms of it’s “load” — the amount of system capacity required to keep it warm in winter or cool in summer. An accurate determination can’t be made simply by “guesstimates” or applying results derived from a similar house down the street. A scientific load calculation by a qualified HVAC technician removes the ballpark figures and replaces them with a more exact result expressed in BTUs and individualized to your specific home.

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Solve Problems With a Humidifier During Heating Season

Solve Problems With a Humidifier During Heating SeasonBecause humidity’s impact varies by season, a whole-house humidifier plays a role in winter comfort and efficiency. Cold air doesn’t hold water vapor efficiently, so outdoor relative humidity frequently dips below 50 percent during winter months. Indoors, other factors drive humidity even lower. Most of our homes utilize gas-fired forced-air furnaces that dry indoor air more. While the EPA recommends keeping average indoor humidity around 40 percent, household levels often plunge below that in dry, cold winter conditions with the furnace running.

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Replacing the Furnace Motor: Deciding on ECM or PSC

Replacing the Furnace Motor: Deciding on ECM or PSCFurnace motor replacement presents an opportunity to improve your heating system’s energy efficiency as well as your household comfort. In the years since your existing furnace was new, blower motor technology has evolved substantially. Now you’re at a fortunate point in time where you can make changes that will bring the air circulation function of your furnace into the 21st century by upgrading to a smart ECM blower motor.

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