How to Address A/C Condensate Drain Problems

How to Address A/C Condensate Drain ProblemsThe condensate drain system handles water produced by your central air conditioner: lots of it. Most people would be surprised to know just how much water vapor is extracted from the air by the evaporator coil inside the indoor air handler of your air conditioner. On a humid Indiana day, 20 gallons or more of condensate can be generated. If the condensate drain system doesn’t carry it away properly, serious household water damage can result—often before you’re even aware there’s a problem.

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Back-to-School Tips for the HVAC System in Your Home

Back-to-School Tips for the HVAC System in Your HomeBack-to-school is a transitional time for the household, as well as the household HVAC system. Patterns of daily occupancy are changing and fewer people may be home during the day. Outside, the weather will begin to morph from summer heat to cooler autumn evenings, slowly reducing A/C operating hours and eventually shifting into heating season. To get both the cooling and heating HVAC system ready for what’s next, here are a few suggestions:

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Understanding Air Conditioner Ratings

Understanding Air Conditioner RatingsAir conditioner ratings assign an actual number to A/C characteristics like energy efficiency and noise reduction. When shopping for a new air conditioner, the purchase price doesn’t tell you much more than what you’ll pay upfront. The long-term cost of operation is an X-factor unless you have some basis to estimate what your monthly energy expenses will look like. Similarly, quality of life issues such as A/C noise levels are also an unknown without air conditioner ratings that give you a hard figure to contrast with other competing models.

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What Do You Know About Two-Stage Cooling?

What Do You Know About Two-Stage Cooling?Two-stage cooling delivers more efficient and effective comfort to your household. A conventional, one-stage A/C compressor has a single output: 100 percent. For the same reason you don’t drive your car with the accelerator to the floor all the time, 100 percent output is not the most appropriate — or economic — cooling option most of the time. Once a house is cooled to the desired temperature, a standard A/C running at full output cycles on and off very frequently and indoor temperatures deviate widely. Frequent shorter cycles also mean the air conditioner’s humidity reduction function doesn’t work as well and the unit incurs more wear.

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Stop Wasting Money and Energy in Your Attic

Stop Wasting Money and Energy in Your AtticAn attic is perfect for storage. Many homeowners remodel the attic for other useful purposes, as well. However, one thing a typical unimproved attic isn’t great for is energy efficiency and temperature control in living spaces below. It has to do with the simple fact that heat energy is always on the move in one direction — from a warmer area into a cooler area. Depending on the season, the attic is either a heat source or a heat sink. At any time of year, it can be an energy- and money-waster, too.

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How You’re Affected by Indoor Humidity

How You're Affected by Indoor HumidityHow clear is the link between indoor humidity and comfort and health? The first air conditioner patented in 1902 was actually designed primarily as a dehumidifier to reduce humidity. Cool comfort was just a secondary effect of lowering the amount of water vapor in the air.

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Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important for Your System

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important for Your SystemYour HVAC air ducts move a lot of air. For a 3-ton air conditioner typical in residential installation, the ducts will convey at least 1,000 cubic feet of air every minute. That’s not all that’s moving through your ductwork, however. Airborne particulates including dust, dirt, lint, pet dander, fungal spores, as well as moisture from water vapor in the air, also accumulate on the inside surfaces of air ducts. Over the years, household ductwork may become a repository of irritants and contaminants that are continuously recirculated. In addition, the presence of dust, grit and dirt inside the ducts can contaminate HVAC components like the evaporator coil, reducing energy efficiency and cooling performance, as well as cause excess wear and tear on the blower and other moving parts.

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Home Energy Savings 101: Window Treatments

Home Energy Savings 101: Window TreatmentsWhile windows let the light and the view of the great outdoors into your house, window treatments help reduce the energy-efficiency problems that come along with it. On a hot, sunny day, glass transmits solar heat energy very efficiently. Once in your house, that energy heats indoor air and competes against your air conditioner, raising your cooling costs in summer. Window treatments for existing windows are designed to control heat gain while still admitting desirable light and allowing you to enjoy the view.

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HVAC Replacements and Maintenance: A Timeline

HVAC Replacements and Maintenance: A TimelineA heating and cooling system’s expected service life and its regular HVAC maintenance timeline are directly related. Keeping up with both requires only a little attention, but that small amount is critical. Most estimates of useful service life of an air conditioner or furnace are calculated on the assumption that the HVAC maintenance timeline is faithfully observed. While it may or may not be feasible to get more years out of a system than it’s designed and engineered to deliver, it’s definitely possible to shorten expected service life by neglecting regular upkeep.

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Troubleshooting for A/Cs

Troubleshooting for A/CsIf something’s wrong with your air conditioner, is it anything you can repair yourself? Frankly, the list of DIY fixes for central A/C problems is extremely limited. High voltage and toxic refrigerant pose safety issues and exacting technology incorporated in today’s units requires the specialized expertise of a qualified HVAC service technician.

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