Winter Safety Precautions for Your Terre Haute Home

Winter Safety Precautions for Your Terre Haute HomeSafety at home is a year-round concern, but ensuring winter home safety is particularly critical. Statistics indicate that winter’s a more hazardous time around the house. First, cold weather tends to keep people indoors so you’re at home more hours per day than in summer. Second, data shows that certain hazards such as house fires are far more common during winter.

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How to Conduct Your Own Energy Tests

How to Conduct Your Own Energy TestsEnergy tests help determine your home’s efficiency status quo. The definitive option is a professional energy audit by a qualified HVAC technician with both the expertise and specialized equipment to evaluate factors like heat loss and gain, air infiltration and ductwork condition. However, a homeowner can also conduct a few simple DIY energy tests to get a general idea of the state of the house and what areas may require improvement.

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Is Shutting a Room to Save Energy a Good Idea?

Is Shutting a Room to Save Energy a Good Idea?Shutting a room off and closing the air vents sounds like a good idea to save heating and cooling energy. After all, that’s one less room consuming energy to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. What could go wrong? As it turns out, more than many people may think.

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Insulate the Most Important Spots in Your Home

Insulate the Most Important Spots in Your HomeThe best areas to insulate in your home are those that will pay back the investment with lower heating and cooling costs and greater comfort. Not every part of a structure is an ideal candidate for insulation upgrade. In most houses, the direction of heat loss and gain is generally vertical. Thus, the best areas to insulate are over your head and under your feet: the attic and crawl space. They’re also the most cost-effective targets areas to insulate that pay back your investment the soonest.

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Maintenance Items to Consider Before Your Vacation This Winter

Maintenance Items to Consider Before Your Vacation This WinterIs vacation maintenance more important for a winter vacation versus a summer getaway? While some potential problems are definitely all-season, it could be argued that more things can go wrong in an unoccupied home during extreme cold than when its warm. The preferred course of action is to be ready for anything, no matter when it happens. Here are a few vacation maintenance items to take care of before you leave town this winter season.

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Cold Weather Calls for New Thermostat Programs

Cold Weather Calls for New Thermostat ProgramsShorter days, colder temperatures and changing schedules: resetting the programmable thermostat gets your heating system in synch for another winter. Programming to drop the temperature 10 degrees during times when occupants are asleep or the house is empty can reduce heating costs by 10 to 20 percent. That’s enough energy savings to recoup the cost of the thermostat the first year. It also makes household comfort more consistent and frees you from the requirement to manually tweak temperature settings day and night.

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Reasons to Clean Your Heat Vents

Reasons to Clean Your Heat VentsIs your home one of those that needs to have the heat vents cleaned? Not every house does. But the ones that do will benefit substantially from a professional inspection and, if the results warrant, a complete heat vent cleaning procedure.

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Start Your Winter Checklist With Your Furnace

Start Your Winter Checklist With Your FurnaceIs furnace maintenance one of the still-pending items on your checklist to get done before the first blast of cold winter weather? Proven, dependable gas-fired heating is the most common home heating system here in the midwest. Still, like any mechanical device, furnaces require basic upkeep as well as annual professional maintenance, too. Getting it done not only ensures safe operation, it keeps heating costs low and complies with the manufacturer’s warranty.

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It’s Time to Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s Time to Check Your Carbon Monoxide DetectorsCarbon monoxide detectors sense the presence of this deadly killer even when nobody else in the house is aware of it. Carbon monoxide gas (CO) a byproduct of common household combustion sources such as furnaces, water heaters, stoves and even wood-burning fireplaces, as well as the exhaust from internal combustion vehicles.

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Signs That Your Home’s Thermostat Should Be Replaced

Signs That Your Home's Thermostat Should Be ReplacedWhen it’s time for thermostat replacement, the signs may be quite apparent or very subtle. Either way, a malfunctioning or just plain outmoded thermostat can be costing you money in excess energy use and making your home a little (or a lot) less comfortable than it ought to be.

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