Here’s A Fire Hazard You’ve Probably Never Considered

Here's A Fire Hazard You've Probably Never ConsideredIs there a hidden fire hazard lurking inside your home? Every year, household dryer fires cause about $35 million in property damage in the U.S. What’s burning? Lint accumulation inside the dryer or dryer vent duct. An inevitable byproduct of drying clothes and other fabrics, this tiny fibrous material ignites easily and burns very hot in a flash-fire type of combustion.

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Why is My A/C Unit Tripping the Breaker?

Why is My A/C Unit Tripping the Breaker?An air conditioner that’s tripping the breaker is sending a message and it’s not one you should ignore. Simply resetting a circuit breaker that repeatedly trips is never a viable solution. In the case of an A/C that’s tripping the breaker, ignoring the problem could cause very expensive damage and ultimately even require replacement of the system.

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How Yard Work is Affecting Your HVAC System

How Yard Work is Affecting Your HVAC SystemRegular yard work during the summer season is also a good opportunity to check and maintain the condition of the outside half of your central air conditioner. The outdoor unit comprises the condenser coil and fan that dissipate heat extracted from inside your house as well as the compressor, the vital component that circulates and pressurizes refrigerant. What happens out in the yard can affect the performance and energy efficiency of the entire cooling system, so taking care to protect and inspect the outdoor unit during yard work is a worthwhile effort.

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What You Need to Consider When Buying a Portable Air Conditioner

What You Need to Consider When Buying a Portable Air ConditionerA portable air conditioner can fill the cooling gap in a home where certain rooms are too hot or lack ductwork to connect to the existing central air conditioner. The portability factor is also a plus as a single unit can potentially be moved to various areas of the house that need spot cooling. If you’re considering the portable option to cool limited areas, here are some other pros and cons.

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Reduce Your Energy Bills with Summer Savings

Reduce Your Energy Bills with Summer SavingsSummer savings by reducing energy costs can add up to a substantial monthly bonus. In summer, electricity moves to the forefront as the biggest energy expense in the house. That’s almost entirely because the largest power-consuming appliance in most homes is the air conditioner. The takeaway is clear: cooling more efficiently and effectively provides measurable summer savings in the form of lower monthly energy costs.

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How You Can Prepare Your HVAC for Your Summer Vacation

How You Can Prepare Your HVAC for Your Summer VacationWhile summer vacation is a much-needed respite for you, it’s business as usual for your air conditioner. During the cooling season, the A/C doesn’t get much of a holiday. It’s important to make sure the unit is up-to-date with regular maintenance. After summer vacation is over and it’s time to come back to the daily grind, you’ll be happy to have reliable cool comfort waiting for you.

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Why Modulating Furnaces are Beneficial

Why Modulating Furnaces are BeneficialA modulating furnace matches heat output and air circulation to the changing temperature requirements of the home. Standard furnace burner output flip-flops between one hundred percent when the unit cycles on and zero percent when it’s off.

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Easy Ways to Prevent Buildup in a Humidifier

Easy Ways to Prevent Buildup in a HumidifierPrevent mineral buildup to keep your humidifier keeping you comfortable. In dry indoor conditions, a humidifier eases symptoms like dry skin, stuffy nose and coughing. It also makes the indoor environment healthier as recent science shows that common viruses like cold and flu actually flourish in conditions of low humidity.

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Here’s Your Venting Options for Furnace Replacements

Here's Your Venting Options for Furnace ReplacementsIf a furnace replacement is in your future, venting options will be part of the decision-making process. Proper venting is a critical safety consideration for any gas-fired furnace. A functional vent exhausts combustion gases including poisonous carbon monoxide.

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Why Your Home’s Air Conditioner Unit Isn’t Turning On

Why Your Home's Air Conditioner Unit Isn't Turning OnTemperatures inside the house are rising, but the air conditioner just doesn’t turn on. Now what? A fundamental malfunction like this might seem to be something serious. However, that’s not always the case.

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